Science for Everyone – Taking Stock

The last post In the World of Binary Stars, completed the titles of Science for Everyone series that were accessible. When the original post was made with the listings we had listed 37 titles, out of which many are posted already. In this post I will make a stock of what has been accomplished and what remains to be done. Any inputs of how and where to get to the remaining books in this series would be greatly appreciated. This effort would not have been possible without all the people who have given their help, advise and support, mental, physical or otherwise. All credits to the respective, original uploaders! Thanks to all!!

The listing below is done year wise. The books that are with us are presented with links and the books that are not and are in red text and we need to get them.

Only 4 to go!

Update: Science for Everyone all files in one place here.


Thanks to Desperaomar for these links.

Update Jan 2020: We have added four more titles. Only one Earth, Sweet Earth remains now.


Aptitude Test Problems in Physics S. S. Krotov [Ed.] 1990

Differential Equations in Applications V. V. Amel’kinn 1990

Discussions on Refraction of Light L. V. Tarasov, A. N. Tarasova 1984

Earth, Sweet Earth Ekaterina Radkevich 1990

Electrons and Crystals Th. Wolkenstein 1985

Elementary Kinematics of Elementary Particles G. I. Kopylov 1983

Encounters with Physicists and Physics I.K. Kikoin. 1989

Ethology What animals do and Why Igor Akimushkin 1988 (Link added 08-10-2013)

Flying Trains G. Zelkin 1986

How We See What We See V. Demidov 1986

In The World of Binary Stars V. N. Lipunov 1989

Learning About Chemistry G. B. Shul’pin. 1989 (Link added 20-10-2013)

Luminescence in Public Health N. N Barashkov 1988

Me or Not Me R. V. Petrov 1987

Modern Geology N.A. Yasamanov 1990

Mystery of Minerology B.I. Srebrodolsky 1989

Origin and Chemical Evolution of the Earth G.V. Voitkevich 1988

(Got the hard copy to be scanned)

Origin and Development of Life on Earth G.V. Voitkevich 1988

Our Planet – The Earth A.V. Byalko. 1987

Physics and Geometry of Disorder: Percolation Theory A. L. Efros 1986

Physics In Your Kitchen Lab I. K. Kikoin (Ed.) 1985

Problems in Plane Geometry I. F. Sharygin 1986

Problems in Solid Geometry I. F. Sharygin 1986

Puppets Without Strings V.I. Varshavsky, D.A. Pospelov 1988

(Got the hard copy to be scanned)

Physical Paradoxes and Sophisms V. N. Lange 1987

Satellite and Typhoon : Eye to Eye S.N. Baibakov and A.I. Martynov 1987

Semiconductors Made Simple A. M. Polyakov 1985

Silhouettes of Chemistry D. N. Trifonov, L. G. Vlasov 1987

Storming The Fortress of Fusion G. S. Voronov 1988

Traces of Bygone Biospheres A. V. Lapo 1987

Temperature Ya. A. Smorodisnky 1984

The Grand Biological Clock V.M. Dilman 1989

The Greatest Speed S.R. Filonovich 1986

The Nature of Magnetism M.I. Kaganov, V.M. Tsukernik 1985

This Fascinating Astronomy V. N. Komarov 1985

The Progeny of Volcanoes P.N. Erofeev 1986

Yes, No or Maybe Ya. I Khurgin 1985

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22 Responses to Science for Everyone – Taking Stock

  1. sauravpeace says:

    Thank you very much for such wonderful work.


  2. gnv64 says:

    The Grand Biological Clock
    By V.M.Dilman
    Mir |1989/English | ISBN : 5-03-000769-5 | 424 pages
    Amazon Link :

    I have this book. I have not yet attempted to scan it as it has over 400 pages which will take me almost a week!
    But I shall definitely do it in future & notify you when I upload it.
    You can see the cover at


  3. Pashukala-Ul-Haq. says:

    Could you now start with problem books ?


  4. Muthuvel says:

    Thanks man …you are our hero!
    Ya when r u gonna start with problems books?


  5. kagmi says:

    And again, we seem to have coincided nicely. My blog post in honor of Christmas was, more or less, Earth Sweet Earth. But there is so much more to say on the subject…and so much more to learn! I’m sure the book on the subject could much improve my education.


  6. somen says:

    hi damitr
    When u will start new post on little mathematical library??????????


  7. Dear Damitr The Grand Biological Clock have been uploaded by gnv64.


  8. desperadomar says:

    Sry Damitr the links provided is not working now i think they (jumbofiles ) deleted them all .I will post the same in some other file sharing sites .So please delete the link to that from here .after re -uploading i will send you a msg.


    • damitr says:

      Thanks for the update Biju. Please keep the files password protected (and do give the password in the comments with the links), that way they last longer.



  9. Sanjeev says:

    I have the Ethology – What animals do and why.. I guess I need to start scanning 🙂 Say yay!


    • The Mitr says:

      Yes. Please do. If you need any help, let us know.



      • Sanjeev says:

        I need to set up a book scanner assembly, although I have a flat bed scanner.. thinking simple for now: glass and camera.. how can you help?


        • The Mitr says:

          For now you may not need the assembly. A flat bed scanner is more than enough. Some post processing tools work like vodoo magic, especially scan-tailor. You may find some useful infomration here and here. I have used flat bed scanners all through, though at one point, I had taken up task to setup an assembly. But let it go, as the results from the cameras that I had were far from satisfactory. And of course there is DIY Book scanner.



          • Sanjeev says:

            Think it took me 6 hours today. 3 hours to scan (learnt that “custom scan area” works best on on my canon lide 90, since it does not have to traverse the whole length), then “Scantailor”, which is pure magic, but a bit of work since I needed to revisit each of 290+ pages in each of the 3 steps.. then adobe acrobat for combining the tiffs into pdf and adding OCR 🙂 Now where do I upload it?


          • The Mitr says:

            Can you also upload some colour scans of the cover? So that we can put them in the post?



          • Sanjeev says:

            I have uploaded it here: Feel free to upload elsewhere too. Thanks!


          • The Mitr says:

            THANKS A LOT!! for this jewel Sanjeev. Will update on the site with a post about Ethology!



          • Sanjeev says:

            Glad to be of help..! I see you already got the color cover. Thanks to you for the excellent compilation..!


  10. Kailash says:

    I saw few more in this series , but not in English

    Man and biologically active substances – I.I. Brekhman
    Way to victory over cancer – A.V. Chaklin
    Biotechnology – V.T. Emxep
    Recreational Bio-acoustics – V. Morozov
    Microbiology technology – B.Ia.Neiman


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