Science for Everyone – Progeny of Volcanoes

Till now we have not seen any books in the area of Geology, so this one is for all the people who are interested in volcanoes. In Science for Everyone series now we come to The Progeny of Volcanoes by P. N. Erofeev.

This is what the back cover of the book says:

Before setting out to acquaint the reader with the mysteries of the World Ocean, the author had himself explored the vast areas of the oceans covering the surface of our planet and had also done a great amount of researchin the fascinating domain of oceanological. studies. Fully aware of the fact that not all of his future readers would be competent enough to make their way through the complicated language used by the scientists in interpreting the data of their analysis,the author made every possible effort to facilitate his narrative without trespassing on the essence and scientific value
of the research that has been undertaken. This book provides the reader with a host of facts about the World Ocean that are not merely informative, but are also bound to create an integral picture in the reader’s mind and thus widen the scope of his or her scientific,
historical, and cultural background.

The book was translated from the Russian by G. G. Egorov and was first published by Mir in 1989.

Update: Jan 2020

The Internet Archive Link

The contents of the book are as under:

The Blue and Green Expanses of the Earth 12

Chapter 1. The Union of Water and Fire 24

How Many Volcanoes Are There
on Earth? 24
The Forge of Hephaestus 37
Fire and Life 44

Chapter 2. The Perpetual Movement 51

The Underwater Mountain Land 51
The Wounds of the Earth 63
The Rotation of the Earth’s Crust 72

Chapter 3. From One Pole to the Other 96
The Ice Continent 96
The Arctic and Its Hiddles 103
Saline Ice 113
Icebergs 121

Chapter 4. The Turbulent Ocean 127
Rivers with No Shores 127
Waves 143
‘The Red Tide’ 154

Chapter 5. The Paths to the Truth 170
The Marine Work 170
A View From Orbit 178

Chapter 6. The Storerooms of the Ocean 198
The Main Treasure 198
Neptune: The Ocean’s Tycoon 207
The Ores of the Ocean Floor 228

Chapter 7. The Ocean in Jeopardy 239
‘The Alliance of Mars and Pluto’ 239
They Requ ire Special Protection 248
Reasons for Optimism 262

Chapter 8. This Miraculous Ocean 265
The Islands of Navigators 265
The Coral  Island’s 293
The Sea Without Shores 301
The Variegated Ocean 309

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  1. muthuvel says:

    Damn it,
    What a delight to have another two mir books, thanks damitr…kind of christmas gift!!


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