Science for Everyone – Ethology What Animals Do and Why?

Ethology is derived from two Greek words: "ethos", meaning 
character, or custom; and "logos", meaning study.

In this post we will see another book in the series Science For Everyone. This one is titled Ethology – What Animals Do and Why? by Igor Akimushkin.


About the Book:

Igor Akimushkin is widely known in the USSR as a popularizer of biology. He is the author of over sixty science fiction books, including some for children, and many have been translated into the languages of peoples of the USSR and foreign languages. They describe the wonderful world of nature, awaken us to the marvels that exist just beyond the thresholds of our own homes, and explain the latest discoveries in biology. The series called “The Animal World” is particularly interesting having been awarded first Prize at a national contest held annually in the Soviet Union by the “Znaniye” society.

This book was translated from the Russian by Pyotr Aleinikov and first published by Mir Publishers in 1988.

This book was on the wanted list of Science for Everyone titles for quite some time.
Finally we got this comment from Sanjeev some days back:

Think it took me 6 hours today. 3 hours to scan (learnt that 
“custom scan area” works best on on my canon lide 90, since 
it does not have to traverse the whole length), then “Scantailor”,
which is pure magic, but a bit of work since I needed to revisit
each of 290+ pages in each of the 3 steps.. then adobe acrobat 
for combining the tiffs into pdf and adding OCR :) Now where do 
I upload it?

and then

I have uploaded it here  Feel free to upload elsewhere too. Thanks!

All credits for making this book available to us goes to Sanjeev. My many thanks to him for this!!!

The Internet Archive Link (Sanjeev)

The Internet Archive Link (Mir Titles) added Jan 2020

Table of contents

In Lieu of an Introduction 5
Movement: The Basic Form of Behaviour 11
Tropisms 11
Sun Compass 16
Learning and Insight 20
Releasers 20
Imprinting 24
Play: A Peculiar Form of Cognition 31
Imitation 43
Insight 45
The Experiments of Professor L.V. Krushinsky 57
Dominance Hierarchy and Territoriality 60
Animal Rank Order 60
Submissive Postures and Ritualistic Fighting 71
The Difference Between Territory and Distribution Range 78
Why do Birds Sing? 94
Boundary Posts of Territories 97
Mating Ceremonies 105
Some Invertebrates 105
Sticklebacks and Cichlids 110
Mating Games of Birds 114
Mammals 133
Odours in the Animal World 137
Insects 137
Snakes, Crocodiles, Fishes 144
Mammals and Birds 149
Pheromones 157
Sex Attractant Pheromones: Love Pheromones 157
Marker Pheromones 160
Alarm Pheromones 168
Metamorphosis Pheromones 174
Maturation Pheromones 182
Collective Action Pheromones or Organization Pheromones 185
Tasty Substances 191
Defence Substances 196
Combat Substances and Parasite Pheromones 203
Other Means of Communication 206
Acoustic Signals 206
Ultrasonic Communication 221
Vision 231
Some Examples of Behaviour 237
Invertebrates 237
Fish 258
Amphibians and Reptiles 263
Birds 277
The Norway Rat 283
Afterword 289

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3 Responses to Science for Everyone – Ethology What Animals Do and Why?

  1. mir_fan says:

    A missing one is available now.
    Science For Everyone – Learning About Chemistry – G B Shulpin

    1. Pls add OCR as I dont have OCR software
    2. Thanks goes to Scantailor – Amazing free software without which it is impossible to create clean scan files. All , consider donating whatever little you can in its Sourceforge page.


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