Science for Everyone – Yes, No Or Maybe

This time in the Science for Everyone series we come to a text on Statistics, this one is named Yes, No Or Maybe and is written by Ya. I Khurgin.

This is what the back cover of the book says:

Professor Yakov Khurgin is known for his works in applied mathematics, cybernetics, industrial applications of mathematics. Besides he is an imaginative popularizer of science. His book Do You Say Mathematics? has been passed through two editions in Russian and has been translated into English. His new book Yes, No or Maybe is a readable introduction to the frontiers of statistics and experiment design. The book is written in a lovely language and contains many practical examples.

The book was translated from the Russian by Alexander Repyev and was published first by Mir in 1985. The book mentioned in the back cover Do You Say Mathematics? is an amazing one, which we will get when we will start the mathematics series!

Update: Jan 2020

The Internet Archive Link

The book has following contents:


Why and for Whom This Book Is Written 7
Uncertainty and Randomness 13
Control 16
Henry Adams Takes a Decision 22
A Glimpse of Criteria 27
Radar 34
Likelihood Ratio 40
Maybe 43
Compromise 49
Dynamics Instead of Statics 58
Risk 64
The Picky Bride Strategy 70
Quality Management 74
The Mathematical Model 77
Birth Statistics 85
Caution: the Problem Reduced to a Linear One 90
Solution: Formula or Number? 100
Identification of Griminals-Bertillon System 106
Identification of Objects 111
Regression 120
Building Blocks 123
Turning to Geometry 128
Sunrise, Sunset… 134
The Nearest 143
The Art of Hope 148
Struggling for a Record 158
Vices of Passiveness 165
The Active vs the Passive 172
Who Has the Best View? 180
Step by Step 186
Where Are Experiments to Be Staged? 191
Ways to Success 206
A Helper-the Chance 211
Concluding Remarks 218

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3 Responses to Science for Everyone – Yes, No Or Maybe

  1. Love Shah says:

    where can i find this book?
    i reside in India


    • damitr says:

      I do not know, as this book and others in the series are out of print for last 20 years. If you are lucky, try the raddiwala or second hand book shops, you might just stumble upon them.


  2. Devarsh says:

    password not working damitr for the file cloud link please can you check it


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