Science for Everyone – Satellite and Typhoon – Eye to Eye

We now come Satellite and Typhoon – Eye To Eye by S. Baibakov and A. Martynov in the Science for Everyone Series. I did not know the existence about this book till some Anonymous person reported about it in the Science for Everyone post.

The back cover of the book says:

Studies of typhoons and hurricanes based on conventional tracking technologies ground weather stations, ships aircraft, and weather rockets rarely turn out to be effective enough, since the time and place of typhoon origin are unpredictable. A new avenue of approach to the problem is opening up with advances in space technology. This book presents a detailed method to explore in, typhoons and hurricanes using satellites and satellite probes to deliver balloons with a payload of measuring instruments into their effective range. There is also an extensive discussion of problem areas in meteorology, oceanography, and environmental science capable of being addressed by space-borne technologies. The book is intended for those interested in astronautics, oceanography and in the protection of the environment.

The book was translated from the Russian by Anatoli Rosenzweig and was first published by Mir in 1986.

Update: Jan 2020

The Internet Archive Link


The contents of the book are as follows:

Chapter 1. Atmospheric and Ocean Research from Satellite Orbit 21

Sec 1. Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Ocean 21
Sec. 2. Studies of Non-stationary Processes in the Atmosphere and Ocean 53
2.1. Tropical Cyclones 53
2.2. Dust Storms 70
Sec. 3. Contact Sounding of Atmospheric and Ocean Parameters Using Unmanned Probes 77
Sec. 4. Global Environmental Monitoring System 83

Chapter 2. Models of Tropical Cyclones 102

Sec. 5. Physical Model of Typhoons and Hurricanes 103
Sec. 6. Areas and Rate of Origin of Tropical Cyclones 108
Sec. 7. Trajectories of Tropical Cyclones 112
Sec. 8. Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Trajectories 116

Chapter 3. Operational Detection of Tropical Cyclones from Satellite Orbit 119

Sec. 9. Main Objectives of Satellite-borne Detection System 119
Sec. 10. Satellite Orbit 123
Sec. 11. Detection from Manned Orbital Stations 136
Sec. 12. Detection from Low-orbit Unmanned Satellites 140
12.1. Tropical Cyclone Observing Instruments 141
12.2. Operational Detection of Tropical Cyclones by the Ground-based Operator 155
12.3. Recognition of Tropical Cyclones on board Unmanned Satellites 162
12.4. Ocean and Atmosphere Observing Satellites 166
Sec. 13. Operational Detection of Tropical Cyclones from High Orbits 179

Chapter 4. Scientific Instrument Deployment from Orbit into Tropical Cyclone 186

Sec. 14. General Scheme of Descent lH6
Sec. 15. Satellite Orbit Selection 193
Sec. 16. Extra-atmospheric Approach 1Hfi
Sec. 17. Atmospheric Descent 202
Sec. 18. Descender 220
Sec. 19. Balloon 230
Sec. 20. Acquisition of Vertical Profiles of the

Atmosphere and Ocean 247

References 252

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