Science for Everyone

Science for Everyone is a long running series from Mir Publishers. Most of the titles that I have collected are from used book shops.

Some of the titles are by others and some from library and some of the titles I have only seen on the internet.

Some of the titles that I have are as follows:

Title Author Year Pages
Traces of Bygone Biospheres A. V. Lapo 1987 352
Physics and Geometry of Disorder: Percolation Theory A. L. Efros 1986 259
Differential Equations in Applications V. V. Amel’kinn 1990 279
How We See What We See V. Demidov 1986 238
Aptitude Test Problems in Physics S. S. Krotov [Ed.] 1990 310
This Fascinating Astronomy V. N. Komarov 1985 303
Storming The Fortress of Fusion G. S. Voronov 1988 335
Electrons and Crystals Th. Wolkenstein 1985 174
Me or Not Me R. V. Petrov 1987 372
Elementary Kinematics of Elementary Particles G. I. Kopylov 1983 270
Flying Trains G. Zelkin 1986 151
Yes, No or Maybe Ya. I Khurgin 1985 219
Temperature Ya. A. Smorodisnky 1984 263
Physics In Your Kitchen Lab I. K. Kikoin (Ed.) 1985 189
Physical Paradoxes and Sophisms V. N. Lange 1987 232
Semiconductors Made Simple A. M. Polyakov 1985 240
Luminescence in Public Health N. N Barashkov 1988 146
Problems in Plane Geometry I. F. Sharygin 1986 408
Problems in Solid Geometry I. F. Sharygin 1986 247
In The World of Binary Stars V. N. Lipunov 1989 324
Discussions on Refraction of Light L. V. Tarasov, A. N. Tarasova 1984 239
Silhouettes of Chemistry D. N. Trifonov, L. G. Vlasov 1987 296
Ethology What animals do and why Igorʹ Akimushkin 1988 294
Encounters with physicists and physics. I.K. Kikoin. 1989 198
The Greatest speed S.R. Filonovich 1986 285
The progeny of volcanoes P.N. Erofeev 1986 327
Puppets without strings V.I. Varshavsky, D.A. Pospelov 1988 294
Mystery of minerology B.I. Srebrodolsky 1989 239
Learning about chemistry G. B. Shul’pin. 1989 230
The grand biological clock V.M. Dilman 1989 424
The nature of magnetism M.I. Kaganov, V.M. Tsukernik 1985 283
Origin and development of life on earth G.V. Voitkevich 1988 232
Modern geology N.A. Yasamanov 1990 280
Origin and chemical evolution of the earth G.V. Voitkevich 1988 238
Our planet–the Earth A.V. Byalko. 1984 304
Earth, sweet Earth Ekaterina Radkevich 1990 371
Satellite and typhoon : eye to eye S.N. Baibakov and A.I. Martynov 1987 254

Please add titles that you are aware of.


1. Discussions on Refraction of Light is available here.

2. Encounters with Physicists and Physics is available here.

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27 Responses to Science for Everyone

  1. gnowgi says:

    It is better done as a knowledge base instead of blog posts.


  2. Vig says:

    I used to have the one about astronomy by Komarova and this one:
    “Science for everyone: The nature of magnetism”
    Author(s) M. I. Kaganov;V.M. Tsukernik
    Publication Moscow : Mir , 1985
    ISBN 5030005285

    Got the details from here:


  3. Anon says:

    Book Title: Physics For Everyone Book 1 – Physical Bodies
    Author: Landau, Kitaigorodsky
    Series: Science for Everyone
    Publishers: MIR

    Book Title: Physics for Everyone Book 2 – Molecules
    Author: Landau, Kitaigorodsky
    Series: Science for Everyone
    Publishers: MIR

    Book Title: Physics for Everyone Book 3 – Electrons
    Author: Kitaigorodsky
    Series: Science for Everyone
    Publishers: MIR

    Book Title: Physics For Everyone Book 4 – Photons and Nuclei
    Author: Kitaigorodsky
    Series: Science for Everyone
    Publishers: MIR


  4. Anon says:

    Sorry for the mistakes above. Those 4 mentioned books are from Physics for Everyone series instead.


  5. Anon says:

    Book Title: Satellite and Typhoon: Eye to Eye
    Authors: S. N. Baibakov, A. I. Martynov
    Series: Science for everyone
    Publisher: Moscow : Mir Publishers, 1987.



  6. damitr says:

    Thanks for all the inputs!


  7. Missurunha says:

    Don’t you have a link to download?
    I want to read them..
    (You should add ‘Nikolav Piskounov’ to math books, his book (Diferential and Integral Calculus) is fantastic)


    • damitr says:

      Right now I have not added any links. Many of them are already available on the internet. Maybe sometime in the future link swill be added here, but not for now.
      Thanks for the input!!


  8. s.sanjay says:

    Dear Damitr,
    i am adding the link for sharygin’s problem book on plane geometry :


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  10. pranjal singhai says:

    How I can get these books ?


    • damitr says:

      Some of the books are already available on the internet. Some I have provided here. In future many of them will be updated. Keep watching!!



      • Pranjal singhai says:

        Thanks a lot.i am going to visit some old bookshops this Sunday to searc for Mir books.few titles of SCience for everyone like temperature can be found easily on google.


  11. Really a helpful link.. myself a fan of MIr publishers books..not read them all.. hoping to read many more and to get such reference from this forum..I will provide the same meanwhile.


  12. somen says:

    everyone will be grateful if can you add link to these books- energy and entropy by g n alekseev and entertaining electronics by sedov


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  14. shibu says:

    Entertaining electronics by E.Sedov; translated by Eugene Felgenhauer by Mir Publishers 1973 is one such interesting book i stumbled upon in a used books store in Bangalore. While studying for B.E, I used to refer this book if I had doubts in my subjects. At that time I did not realise how valuable this book was.


  15. Muthuvel says:

    Me too,
    Friend of mine has it in tamil version, but he did not realise by then, now i miss it, he did know where it is…so i am waiting for it too


  16. banger says:

    now what fun is it to write this “LIST”, when you can’t share them ?
    such a disappointment.


  17. Sampath says:

    Please tell me, where we can get all the MIR books. I want to purchase it, for my free library, which i run for students


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