Going To Kindergarten by Nadezhda Kalinina

Nadezhda-Kalinina-Going-To-Kindergarten_0000In this post we will see a pretty illustrated book for children titled Going To Kindergarten by Nadezhda Kalinina.Nadezhda-Kalinina-Going-To-Kindergarten_0012

The book was translated from Russian to English by Fainna Solasko, and drawings were made by Veniamin Losin. The book was published by Progress Publishers first in 1974, and second reprint was in 1982.

You can get the book here.

Many thanks to Guptaji for the book

4 Responses to Going To Kindergarten by Nadezhda Kalinina

  1. anurag says:

    Where can I buy this book? Please guide me.


  2. anurag says:

    I am looking to buy this book, “Questions and problems in school physics (English Edition) by Lev Tarasov (Author), Aldina Tarasova (Author), Nicholas Weinstein (Translator). If someone knows where to buy the book, please let me know the place. I have an electronic version of the book but looking to purchase the physical book! Thanks in advance. This is a cracker of a book! Simply outstanding!!!!!


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