How To Help?

There are several ways in which you can help the Mirtitles project

  • Spread the word about the project
  • Bring to notice dead links
  • Suggest alternative links
  • Suggest books that are missing from the list
  • Donate physical books for scanning
  • Scan/upload books that you have access to
  • Comment on books which are special to you

25 Responses to How To Help?

  1. Basile says:

    Steel Foundry Practice – Bidulya
    is not accessible.


  2. T.S.Selvakumaran says:

    How to upload mir books to mirtitles



    I am sharing the following link for zoology in Tamil from Mir publishers



    I am sharing another link for human anatomy and physiology book in Tamil from Mir publishers


    • The Mitr says:

      Could you also post complete title, authors and translators, along with a couple of lines of description (ToC would be great!) of the books in Tamil? It will help to create posts.



    I am sharing a link for “picture story book” for children by N.Radlov from progress publishers, Moscow


  7. Sattwik Mitra says:

    I am from india i did not found Nuclear physics / Yu. M. Shirokov and N.P. Yudin ; translated from the Russian by Mark Samokhvalov. These 2 volumes are really needed


    • PKdrinker says:

      I am sharing the link of ‘Problems in analytical Geometry’ by D Kletenik , published by Peace publishers Moscow. This book was translated from Russian by O Soroka and edited by Prof. N. Yefimov.

      This problem book contains problems in plane and solid analytical geometry. Each chapter is divided into many sections. Each section starts with the time saving summary and description of principle concepts involved in problems of that section. This description is fairly complete and written with extreme brevity, thus helping this book to serve as a theory and problem book.


  8. VIVEK Singh says:

    There is no math book by Georgi P. Tolstov here.
    I have heard a reference about him that his math books are great especially about Fourier series.


  9. Pkdrinker says:

    I wanted to let you guys know that in the book ‘Calculus : Basic concepts for high school’ uploaded to archives, on our page mirtitles page number 85 (according to labelling in the book) is missing.

    You can see it here

    Please scan that page and add it to the file (if possible) or you can reupload the complete file.
    Your comrade


  10. kay says:

    Yakov Frenkel’s books would be a rare treasure. Yakov was highly praised by Lev Landau. Frenkel was not only a creative and original thinker who came up with so many of modern ideas in theoretical physics but he was also an incredible author. He wrote about 18 textbooks on different subjects in theoretical physics. 18!!! Most authors write one book and revise until it reaches it’s 10th edition. Not too mention, they are also aimed anywhere from first year of university study up to graduate study. He has a two volume course on the structure of matter, I can only guess this is a first year two part course, he has most standard courses such as electromagnetism, relativity, quantum mechanics, vectors and tensors, statistical physics, solid state physics and analytical mechanics just to name some. These are all standard part of curriculum. These were published in leningrad probably part of the core courses for students at leningrad university or moscow. You can find the full list of his books in this biography on him; . You will find the list of books on page 315. I dont speak Russian or read it. If I could, I would translate. Mostly what I do when I need russian translations of notes is use google translate, it does a decent job and I can figure out any other corrections. The only problem here is I cant find a copy of his books. Some of them were translated, such as wave mechanics, however the other books are still in Russian and i cant find them. These would be a gem. From such a brilliant mind and original thinker, I’m sure we can learn a lot from his writing and style of solving physics problems. I would love to see his emphasis. There are many famous Landau stories, and I dont know if this one is true, but landau has been heard saying “Yakov Frenkel is the best physicist in Russia who uses only quadratic equations in his papers and i am slightly worse because even sometimes I have to use differential equations”. What Landau meant by this is Frenkel is able to bypass the math more easily due to his physical intuition for which Landau humbly said was better than his. It is believed that with more physical intuition, you can do more physics and less math, therefore the reason Frenkel would only need quadratics. Would love to read some of his books. He started writing them when he was relatively young starting when he was about 28 years old. I think Kibble is the only other author great physicist who wrote textbooks in their 20’s. Nonetheless it is great to get lessons and perspectives of young physicists. He wrote these books to help train the next generation of theoretical physicists at Leningrad Physico-Technical; those were a group of later to become very famous physicists. Anyway please have a look, it would be amazing to get these in english.


  11. Anonymous says:


    Here’s a link to a long-ago-promised scan of my copy of M. M. Postnikov – Smooth Manifolds (Semester III of Lectures in Geometry).

    This link will expire in 2 days, so please download a copy before then if you’re going to post it on this website.


  12. A. Mani says:

    I have a large collection in Math, Physics and Statistics including

    Klimov, G. Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics Mir
    Do you have a list of missing titles?


    • The Mitr says:

      Thanks for the comment. There is no list of missing books as such, but you can search for them in the blog. There are a lot of books which we didn’t knew existed. So there is that. If it is not posted, most probably we don’t have it. Though we have roughly about 100 odd books still not scanned/posted. If you could send us a list, we can tell which ones are not scanned/in possession.


  13. Cemalettin Karapicak says:

    I would like to get an English version of an old physics textbook in a printed or pdf form. It is named as ”PROBLEM EXERCISES FOR PHYSICS edited by S.M KOSEL
    ISBN 5020140600


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