Science for Everyone – Temperature

This book on temperature was written to explain 
how physical concepts arise, how new methods of 
measuring physical quantities are developed, 
and how the progress in physics makes well-worn 
concepts move into modern fields of physics of 
which our predecessors were understandably 
quite ignorant. - Ya. Smorodinsky

We now come to the next title in the Science for Everyone Series, Temperature written by Ya. A. Smorodinsky.

The books has a lot of historical perspective on how the ideas of thermodynamics developed over the ages. Also the book takes you to many quantum phenomena and discusses in detail about many of them.

From the back cover

This book starts with a historical background on the notion of temperature and the development of the temperature scale. Then Ya. A. Smorodinsky covers the fundamentals of thermodynamics and statistical physics, only using concepts that will be familiar to high-school students. Having built a solid foundation, he exposes the reader to a number of phenomena that are essentially quantum-mechanical, but for which the concept of temperature “works”, and works very well. These include the spins in crystal lattices, inverse population of energy levels, microwave background radiation, black holes, and cooling antiproton beams. Although it has been written for high-school students, the book contains a minimum amount of mathematics. Nevertheless, Ya.A. Smorodinsky compensates for this
severe restriction by the lucid manner in which he discusses complicated effects.

The book was translated from the Russian by V. I. Kisin and was first published by Mir in 1984.

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Updated: 15 January 2019


Preface 5
Introduction 9
De recs and Temperature 12
Galileo 17
What Is Heat?  28
Thermal Equilibrium 33
Heat and Cold  35
Temperature Scale 40
Carnot 42
Ideal Carnot Cycle 45
Carnot’s Great Theorem 54
Carnot’s Line of Reasoning 58
A Simple Problem  59

The Law of the Conservation of Energy 61
Adiabats  71
Carnot Function 73
Absolute Temperature Scale 76
Lord Kelvin’s Discovery 80
Real Temperature Scale 82
International Temperature Scale 84
Kinetic Theory o Gases 85
Collisions in an Ideal Gas 87
What Is the Velocity of Molecules?  89
Kinetic Energy of Molecules and Temperature 93
Distribution of Energy over Degrees of Freedom 96
Heat Capacity 99
Maxwell Distribution 101
What Is a Distribution? 103
Various Mean Values  105
Maxwell Distribution and Chaos  107
Absolute Temperature and Quantum Mechanics 114
Magnetic Needles 119
Unattainability of Absolute Zero 122
Entropy 125
Carnot Cycle on T vs S Diagrams 129
Conjugate Quantities . 131
Entropy of an Ideal Gas  132

Real, Irreversible World 134
Price of Work 136
One More Formula for Entropy 139
Two Laws of Thermodynamics 140
Refrigerator 143
Thomson’s Heat Pump 146
Boltzmann’ Formula 148
S as a Function of Temperature 151
Density of States 154
Temperature of Atomic Nuclei 155
Spins in Crystal Lattices 159
Spin Equilibria and Temperature 161
Negative Temperatures 163
Maximum Temperature 167
Masses of Elementary Particles 170
Unexpected Paradox 173
Low Temperatures 174
Magnetic Cooling 177
Problem for Fun  183
A Different Solution 188
Blackbody Radiation 189
Ultraviolet Catastrophe  193
A New Fundamental Constant 195
Photon Gas 201
Blackbody  206
Primordial Background Radiation 207
Baryonic Asymmetry of the Universe 212
Black Holes 217
Black-Hole Paradox 219
Planck’s Units  221
Emission of Radiation from a Black Hole 224
Death of a Black Hole 225
A New Paradox 227
Cooling of Antiproton Beams 229
Temperature and Variance 232
Brownian Movement 233
Fluctuations 237
Maxwell’s Imp 241
Up the Temperature Scale 245
How Is Memory Lost? 249
Lorentz’s Gas 253
Mixing  255
What Is the Number of Degrees of Freedom? 258
Conclusion 260

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    I need this book as soon as please let me know how much to pay and within how many days u can deliver the book science for everyone-temperature by Ya.a.smorodinsky


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