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Mir also published a number of Problem Books in Physics and Mathematics. In this post we will looking at problem books in Physics. The most famous of these in India is the one by Irodov. Problems in General Physics is an indepensible book for those who are trying to get through to touch exams. So popular is the book that many Solutions to the book have been publised, which discuss the problems when they are solved.

The typical format the books have two sections:

1. Questions and problems

2. Solutions to Problems

Sometimes the solutions are discussed, as how to arrive at them and what is the significance, but for simpler problems [simple according to the authors] only the numerical values are given.  Here is a list of the problem books that I know of [was helped by a friend in compiling this list]

S. P. Myasnikov, T. N. Osanova

Title Authors Year Pages
1 Problems in General Physics V. S. Wolkenstein, G. Leib, A. Troitsky 1975 349
2 Problems in Physics V. G. Zubov, V. P. Shalnov 1974 290
3 Problems in elementaty physics I.P. Gurskii. 1987 510
4 Problems in Physics A.A. Pinsky 1980 333
5 Problems in School Physics I.V. Savelyev 1984 302
6 Collected problems in physics S. Kozel, E. Rashda, S. Slavatinskii 1986 181
7 General Methods of Solving Physics Problems B.S. Belikov 1984 285
8 Problems in Theoretical Physics L. G. Grechko et al. 1977 447
9 Problems in Physics N.I. Goldfarb 1990 378
11 Physics problems for the technician R.A. Gladkova, L.S. Zhdanov. 1982 404
12 Selected questions and problems in physics R. Gladkova and N. Kutylovskaya 1989 357
13 Problems in General Physics I.E. Irodov 1981 386
14 A collection of questions and problems in Physics L.A. Sena. 1988 335
15 Questions and Problems in School Physics L V Tarasov; A N Tarasova 1987 238
16 Problems in Elementary Physics B. Bukhovtsev … [et al.] 1973 438
17 Problems in Atomic and Nuclear Physics I.E. Irodov 1983 283
18 A collection of problems on the equations of mathematical physics V. S. Vladimirov (Ed.) 1986 284
A Collection of Problems on The Equations of Mathematical Physics A.V. Bitsadze, D.F. Kalinichenko 1980 332
20 Problems in solid- state physics A.M. Prokhorov ; A.S. Prokhorov 1984 365
21 Key problems of physics and astrophysics

(Though not a problem book in the sense of this post, discusses lot of research problems which were unsolved, worthy of being researched)

V.L. Ginzburg 1978 167
22 Physical problems for Robinsons V. Lange 1976 134
23 Selected problems on physics S. P. Myasnikov, T. N. Osanova 1990 476
24 Problems of Crystal Physics with Solutions N. V.Perelomova, M. M. Tagieva. 1983 336
25 Collection of Problems on the Dynamics of a Point in a Central Force Field Ye. N. Polyakhova 1974 145
27 Collection of Problems in Theoretical Mechanics V. Meshchersky 1968 307
28 Problems In Mathematical Physics With Solutions I. V. Misyurkeyev 1966 168
29 Problems in Undergraduate Physics V. L. Ginzburg, L. M. Levin, M. S. Rabinovich and D. V. Sivukhin, E. S. Chetverikova,  S. P Streklov, I. A. El’stin and S. E. Khaikin,  I. A. Yakovlev 1965 Volume 1 – 208

Volume 2 – 220

Volume 3 – 296

Volume 4 – 260

30 Problems On The Equations Of Mathematical Physics M. M. Smirnov 1967 108
31 Problems in Physics P. L. Kapitza 19
32 Aptitude Test Problems in Physics S. Krotov (Ed.) contributing authors A. I. Buzdin, V. A. Il’lin, I. V. Krivchenkov, N. A. Sveshnokov 1990 310
Collection Of Problems In Classical Mechanics G. L. Kotkin; V. G. Serbo 1971 288
A Collection Of Problems On Mathematical Physics B. M. Budak; A. A. Samarskii; A. N. Tikhonov 1964 733
Problems In Electrodynamics V.V. Batygin; I.N. Toptygin 1964 513
Problems In Quantum Mechanics I.I. Gol’dman, V.D. Krivchenkov, V.I. Kogan, V.M. Galitskii and edited by D. Ter Haar 1975 489
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44 Responses to Problem books in Physics

  1. Anon says:

    The other books that I’m aware are:
    Sivukhin – Collection of problems in general physics
    Saraeva – Selected Problems in Elementary Physics
    Kashina S.I., Sezonov Yu.I.- A collection of problems on physics


  2. s.sanjay says:

    can you post the reference for item no. 10 in this list. i am not able to trace it nor have come across it in the last 5 years. you can add the book by shaskoltskaya and eltsin.


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  4. pranu singh says:

    hey im tired of searchinf for some books

    if you have links to these please let me know….coz softcopies are also unavalible, let alone the hard ones…….


  5. PLEH says:

    HI damitr could you please give us the links to to the e-copies of the books on the list…..all my efforts to find the problem books by mir were futile…
    i am writing this after going through the links on this website…reply asap


    • damitr says:

      As of now I have put links to some of the books, but am not sure that many of the books have any e-copies. In future I might add some more link. But even I do not have all the books that are listed on this site. The main aim of the site is have information about these rare, out of print books at least, having an e-copy is an added thing.



  6. Muthuvel says:

    Hi damitr,
    I would say what use we have if we know only the title but not the books, it is the ebook copy link that maters….

    Greeting with thankness


  7. Biju Jose says:

    damitr you are great!!!!!!!!!


  8. Sumitava says:

    At the outset, Hats off to the great initiative by Damitr !!
    I had in my possession many of these MIR Maths/ Physics/ Popular science books as a young kid…It brings back the great memories of my childhood days. Unfortunately, most of those books were given away by me to my juniors and I am now left with none.
    Now, I am desperately looking for many of them for my daughter..But, only few have been republished by CBS/ others.
    Is there any link to download Pinsky & Zubov/ Shalnov? I would appreciate if any body can provide a link or send me form where I can buy old copies.


    • damitr says:


      Soon [lets say next year 😉 ]there will be posts on the Problem Books in Physics which I presume are in great demand [for the mad rush to nowhere]. The books of this series that will be posted will include but will not be limited to the following:

      Bukovtsev et al.
      Zubov, Shalnov

      among others. So keep watching. I also hope to make a comprehensive list of Problem Book in Mathematics soon.




  9. Muthuvel says:

    Thats lovely to hear man


  10. V says:

    Does Anyone have a e copy of General Methods of Solving Physics Problems By B.S.Belikov??


  11. sudipto says:

    First thing first, thanks a ton for uploading books that are now rare, yet priceless. I was wondering when do you think you will be able to load the problem books on physics and mathematics?




  12. asd says:

    still waiting for these books.


  13. phy says:

    please yaar also post saraeva’s ook in english edtion


  14. asd says:

    when will you post these(probable date)?


  15. Ramo says:

    thank you for these books!!!


  16. siddhu says:

    I HAVE SOFT COPY OF THE BOOK.A Collection of problems on the equations of mathematical physics A.V. Bitsadze, D.F. Kalinichenk AND WANT TO UPLOAD IT . HOW TO UPLOAD??? please help


  17. bugsnie says:

    I just love you with all my heart. Thank you for such a post.


  18. Achraf says:

    thank you for all these books.
    Here is “General Methods for Solving Physics Problems” by B. S Belikov,
    i just found it on this site:
    You can get the book from here:


  19. shekhar says:

    how to bye these book original


  20. jcarlos says:

    I want to exchange the following books:
    Fundamentals of physics vol II by Yavorsky and Pinsky and
    Textbook of Elementary Physics vol 3 edited by GS Landsberg by the next books:
    Problems in Physics by Pinsky and
    Physical Problems in Elemental by Bukhovtsev and others.
    Let me to do that deal.


  21. Lorenzo K F says:

    Hello Damitr,
    I am studying for the university entry exam, and I really need the file for “Selected Problems in Elementary Physics”. Writers are: Saraeva, Bukhovtsev, Krivtchenkov and Miakshev.
    Do you posses this title? Thanks a lot,
    Lorenzo K. F.


  22. suresh kumar says:

    I have the book collected problems in physics by kozel rashba but it is in Russian,i tried to translate it and i was not able to translate it completely,it is only partially translated.If anybody here is able to convert the russian pdf to english pdf?


  23. M. KULANDAI VELU says:

    I am in terribly need of tamil language (Indian language) version of PHYSICS FOR ENTERTAINMENT by Y PERALMAN. In Tamil version it is named as ” POZHUTHU POKKU POUDHIGAM”. Since I am a physics teacher, it will be useful for my students also. If it is available please give link. Thank you


  24. Robin says:

    I need books written by A.V.Perishkin and N.A.Rodina ; also senior physics 2 by Bukhotsev. please upload


  25. Amit Kumar says:

    I need the following book, can anyone please send me ?
    Selected Questions and Problems in Physics – Gladkova, Kutylovskaya
    Posted on November 16, 2015 by The Mitr


  26. Amit Kumar says:

    I need the following book, can anyone please send me ?
    Selected Questions and Problems in Physics – Gladkova, Kutylovskaya
    Posted on November 16, 2015 by The Mitr


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