Problems in Theoretical Physics – Grechko, Sugakov, Tomasevich, Fedorchenko

In this post, we will see the much awaited and somewhat rare book Problems in Theoretical Physics by L. G. Grechko, V. I. Sugakov, O. F. Tomasevich A. M. Fedorchenko.


About the book:

From the Front Jacket

This book is a collection of problems covering mechanics, electrodynamics, nonrelativistic quantum mechanics, !statistical physics and thermodynamics. Each Section opens with a brief outline of the main laws and relationships used to solve the problems. Also information about the needed mathematical apparatus is included. Along with answers there are guides to solving the more complicated problems. SI units are used throughout the book. Problems in Theoretical Physics is intended for physics majors at universities and other institutions of higher learning. Some of the problems are specifically for students majoring in theoretical physics. Certain ones can be used in the physics and mathematics departments of teachers colleges.

From the Preface

The text draws largely on the Course of Theoretical Physics by L. D. Landau and E. M. Lifshitz, but also makes use of other textbooks and handbooks recommended for the university course in theoretical physics. Some of the problems have been taken from published problem books listed at the end of this book, but many are original. The student will be able to solve the problems if he has a good knowledge of the fundamentals of theoretical physics, which are briefly outlined in each section of this book.

The book was translated from the Russian by Eugene Yankovsky and was published by Mir in 1977.

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Section I. Classical Mechanics 9

Problems 25

Answers 141

Section II. Electrodynamics 50

Problems 61

Answers 160

Section III. Quantum Mechanics 78

Problems 92

Answers 230

Section IV. Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics 110

Problems 119

Answers 356


1. Basic formulas of vector analysis 424

2. Curvilinear coordinates 425

3. Differential operators in curvilinear coordinates 429

4. Mathematical supplement 434

5. Legendre polynomials 441

6. Hermite polynomials 444

7. The confluent hypergeometric junction 446


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3 Responses to Problems in Theoretical Physics – Grechko, Sugakov, Tomasevich, Fedorchenko

  1. srihyd says:

    Can’t enough to say just Thank you for uploading this book. My search for this book ended now. Really appreciate your effort and help to the community worldwide. Thank you so much


  2. Alp SAHIN says:

    You have done incredible job. Many thanks for your effort.


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