Problems in General Physics – Wolkenstein

When solving a problem, first of all establish the physical
laws which it is based on. Then use the formulas expressing
these laws to solve the problem in symbols, and finally 
substitute the numerical data in one system of units.

We now come to another book in the Problem Book series by Wolkenstein titled Problems in General Physics.

This collection of problems is based on the International System
of Units preferred today in all the fields of’ science, engineering
and economy. Other units can be converted to 51 units with the aid of the relevant tables given in this book.
Each section is preceded by a brief introduction describing the
fundamental laws and formulas which are used to solve the problems. The solutions to the problems and the reference data are appended at the end of the book.

The book was translated from the Russian by A. Troitsky and was edited by G. Leib. The book was first printed by Mir Publishers in 1971, and fourth reprint appeared in 1987. The link below is for the 1987 edition. Incidentally there is a Hindi translation of this book. I do not know if it was translated in other Indian languages.

PDF | OCR | Pagination | Cover | Bookmarked | 382 pp | 600 dpi | 27.4 MB (Zip 24.7)|

You can get the book here.

Update: 08 December 2015 | Added Internet Archive Link

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1. International System of Units (SI)
2. Methods of Solving Problems


1. Physical Fundamentals of Mechanics
Mechanical Units
Examples of Solutions

1. Kinematics
2. Dynamics
3. Rotational Motion of Solids
4. Mechanics of Fluids

Chapter 2. Molecular Physics and Thermodynamics

Thermal Units
Examples of Solutions

5. Physical Fundamentals of the Molecular-Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics
6. Real Gases
7. Saturated Vapours and Liquids
8. Solids

Chapter 3. Electricity and Magnetism

Electrical and Magnetic Units
Examples of Solutions
9. Electrostatics
10. Electric Current
11. Electromagnetism

Chapter 4. Oscillations and Waves

Acoustic Units
Examples of Solutions
12. Harmonic Oscillatory Motion and Waves
13. Acoustics
14. Electromagnetic Oscillations and Waves

Chapter 5. Optics

Light Units
Examples of Solutions
15. Geometrical Optics and Photometry
16. Wave Optics
17. Elements of the Theory of Relativity
18. Thermal Radiation

Chapter 6. Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Units of Radioactivity and Ionizing Radiation
Examples of Solutions
19. Quantum Nature of Light and Wave Properties of Particles
20. Bohr’s Atom. X-Rays
21. Radioactivity
22. Nuclear Reactions
23. Elementary Particles. Particle Accelerators


1. Physical Fundamentals of Mechanics
2. Molecular Physics and Thermodynamics
3. Electricity and Magnetism
4. Oscillations and Waves
5. Optics
6. Atomic and Nuclear Physics


Induction B versus Intensity H of a Magnetic Field for a Certain Grade of Iron
Relationship between Rationalized and Non-Rationalized Equations of an Electromagnetic Field


I. Basic Physical Quantities
II. Astronomic Quantities
III. Data on the Planets of the Solar System
IV. Diameters of Atoms and Molecules
V. Critical Values of T_cr and P_cr
VI. Pressure of Water Vapour Saturating a Space at Various Temperatures
VII. Specific Heat of Vaporization of Water at Various Temperatures
VIII. Properties of Some Liquids
IX. Properties of Some Solids
X. Elastic Properties of Some Solids
XI. Thermal Conductivity of Some Solids
XII. Dielectric Constant (Relative Permittivity) of Dielectrics
XIII. Resistivity of Conductors
XIV. Mobility of Ions in Electrolytes
XV. Work of Exit of Electrons from Metals
XVI. Refractive Indices
XVII. Boundary of K-Series of X-Rays for Various Materials of the Anti- cathode
XVIII. Spectral Lines of Mercury Arc
XIX . Masses of Some Isotopes
XX. Half-Lives of Some Radioactive Elements
XXI. Common Logarithms
XXII. Sines and Cosines
XXIII. Tangents and Cotangents

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    here go again , thanks damitr


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    Thanks a lot Damitr, wonderful post


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    What is the password for this book? It is asking the password. please provide it


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  5. G.Ashwinkumar says:

    Thanks for your continued efforts, I’m a student preparing for IITJEE and once i came to your blog and started loving it. I faced a problem of not able to collect good books to prepare and once i saw this wah i was stunned. I still thought many were like me as there are no authentic blogs for all preparation material. So i started my own blog to help others like me

    I’ve started posting books and I’ve also posted this book which of course i got from here, I’ve given proper credits and have given a link back to this page!

    There are some non Mir books which are good so i’ve started posting even them.

    Kudos keep your efforts! Thanks for helping many like me !


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    Update: 08 December 2015 | Added Internet Archive Link


  8. Robin says:

    Please upload its Hindi translation, as it will help millions of hindi speaking indian students preparing for olympiads, engineering and medical entrance exams. Luckily, I got Glinka’s chemistry and physics for entertainment part 1 hindi translation copy but I don’t have any better problems/ theory books in non- english language. Please realize the importance of these translated excellent books.

    Thanks for your time


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