General Methods for Solving Physics Problems – Belikov

In this post we will see another book in the Problems and Solutions book, namely, General Methods for Solving Physics Problems by B. S. Belikov

B. S. Belikov-General methods for solving physics problemsAbout

This book attempts to create systematic use of generalised methods , general methodological principles, and very general concepts in a segment of students instruction of vital importance, the solution of physics problems. The approach is based on the application of the most general concepts of physics to the solution of any problem. I consider the theoretical aspects underlying the general approach to problem solution and methods for solving standard, non-standard, non-specific, and general problems.

The book was translated from the Russian by Eugene Yankovsky and was first published by Mir in 1989.

You can get the book here.

All credits to the original uploader.


The book has three parts

Part 1: The Theoretical Bases of the General Approach to Solving Any Physics Problem

Chapter 1: The System of Fundamental Concepts of Physics

1 Some General Concepts of Physics

2 Idealization of a Physics Problem

3 Classification of Physics Problems

Chapter 2: Some General Methods for Solving Physics Problems

4 Stages in Solving a Formulated Problem

5 Method of Analysing the Physical Content of a Problem

6 General-Particular Methods. The DI Method

7 The Simplification and Complication Method. The Estimate Method

8 The Problem Statement Method

9 Another Classification of Formulated Problems

Part 2: Solution of Standard Problems

Chapter 3: The motion of a particle

10 Particle Kinematics

11 Particle Dynamics

12 Mechanical Oscillations

13 Conservation Laws

Chapter 4: The motion of a rigid body

14 Rigid Body Dynamics

15 Conservation Laws in rigid body Dynamics

Chapter 5: The Gravitational Field

16 The Basic Problem of Gravitational Theory

17 The Gravitational Field Generated by a system of particles

18 The Gravitational Field Generated by an arbitrary Mass Distribution

Chapter 6: The Electric Field

19 The Electrostatic Field in Vacuum

20 The Electrostatic Field in Insulators

21 Conductors in Electrostatic Field

22 Direct Current

Chapter 7: The Magnetic Field

23 The Magnetic Field in a Vacuum

24 The Magnetic Field in Matter

Chapter 8: The Electromagnetic Field

25 Electromagnetic Induction and Self-Induction

26 Electromagnetic Oscillations

Chapter 9: Electromagnetic Waves

27 Interference of Light

28 Diffraction of Light

Chapter 10: Thermodynamics

29 The First Law of Thermodynamics

30 The Second Law of Theormodynamics

Chapter 11: Kinetic Theory

31 The Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution

32 The Boltzmann Distribution

Part 3: Solution of Nonstandard, Nonspecified and Arbitrary problems

Chapter 12: Non-standard and Original Problems

33 Non-standard Problems

34 Original Problems

Chapter 13: Nonspecified, Research and Arbitrary Problems

35 Nonspecified Problems

36 Research Problems

37 Arbitrary Problems



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7 Responses to General Methods for Solving Physics Problems – Belikov

  1. ProblemSIR says:

    I have a bad time converting DJVU files that have images to PDF. How do you guys do it?


  2. amit says:

    this is the book i have been looking for, but hard copy . if somebody can help


  3. Thomas Smith says:

    Do you know if anyone ever translated E.V. Prut’s Problems in General Physics? From the few questions I’ve been able to translate it is an excellent collection at the level of, and sometimes surpassing, Irodov.


  4. Amit says:

    I want to buy it


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