Problems in Mathematical Physics (with Solutions) – Misyurkeyev

In this post, we will see the book Problems In Mathematical Physics With Solutions by I. V. Misyurkeyev.

About the book

This collection of problems and exercises in the methods of mathematical physics is designed to fit the present curriculum of the departments of physics and mathematics in universities and other institutes of higher education.

In compiling this collection, I made use of various text and problem books pertinent to the different sections.

To assist in the solution of the difficult problems, and to indicate more rational ways of solving them, I have given di­rections concerning methods of solution for most problems, and have included complete solutions of some. The more difficult problems are indicated by an asterisk.

The book was translated from the Russian by Michael Yanowitch and was published in 1966.

You can get the book here.


Foreword to the English Edition v

Preface vii

PART I —The Foundations of Mathematical Field Theory 1

Chapter 1. Two- and Three-Dimensional Scalar Fields 3

Chapter 2. Vector Fields. Field Lines 9

Chapter 3. Second-Order Differential Operators. The Laplacian. Harmonic Functions 23

PART II —Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics 27

Chapter 4. Solution of the Vibrating Equation by the Method of Waves (d’Alembert’s Method) 29

Chapter 5. The Fourier Method. The Method of Eigenfunctions 33

Chapter 6. Problems Involving Special Functions 45

PART III —The Elements of Probability Theory 51

Chapter 7. The Basic Concepts and Theorems of Probability Theory. The Binomial Distribution 53

Answers and Directions 67

Appendices 133

Index 143

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  2. rodrigovime says:

    It seems that page 39 (53 of pdf) is missing


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