Problems In Quantum Mechanics – Gol’dman, Krivchenkov, Kogan, Galitskii

In this post, we will see the book Problems In Quantum Mechanics
by I.I. Gol’dman, V.D. Krivchenkov, V.I. Kogan, V.M. Galitskii and edited by D. Ter Haar.

About the book

A comprehensive collection of problems of varying degrees of difficulty in nonrelativistic quantum mechanics, with answers and completely worked-out solutions. Among the topics: one-dimensional motion, transmission through a potential barrier, commutation relations, angular momentum and spin, and motion of a particle in a magnetic field. An ideal adjunct to any textbook in quantum mechanics, useful in courses in atomic and nuclear physics, mathematical methods in physics, quantum statistics and applied differential equations.

The book was translated from Russian by was published in  by Publishers.

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You can get the book here.

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One dimensional motion (Problems 3, Solutions 81)
Tunnel effect 10, 129
Commutation relations; Heisenberg relations; spreading of wave packets; operators 15, 155
Angular momentum; spin 24, 216
Central field of force 34, 233
Motion of particles in a magnetic field 38, 254
Atoms 42, 270
Molecules 53, 350
Scattering 58, 383
Creation and annihilation operators; density matrix 67, 430
Relativistic wave equations 74, 443
Subject index

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