Popular Science Books – 1

In this post I am highlighting some of the books in the popular science series published by Mir. The time of publication is from late 60s to early 70s. The books are in varied subjects and disciplines and the reason that I am posting them together is that their covers are in the same design style. A black band at top of the cover, with the authors name in white font. The title of the book is at the bottom with a colored band as the foreground. The color of the lower band depended on the overall design of the cover and the colors used there.

Title Author Year Pages
1 Sounds and signs A. Kondratov 1969 286
2 Planet of riddles E. Novikov 1972 255
3 The quiet sun N. V. Pushkov, B. I. Silkin 1968 242
4 The moon and man M. Rebrov, G. Khozin 1967 117
5 The code of life A. Shvarts 1966 267
6 How Reliable is the brain? E. Asratyan, B. Belitsky, P. Simonov 1966 179
7 The mystery of the earth’s mantle A. Malakhov 1966 246
8 Cybernetics within us Y. Saparina 1966 313
9 In the search for beauty, V. Smilga. 1970 343
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17 Responses to Popular Science Books – 1

  1. Anon says:

    The other books that I’m aware are:
    L. Vlasov, D. Trifonov – 107 Stories about Chemistry
    A. Kitaigorodsky – I am a Physicist
    Outer Space and Man


  2. Dr Lalit Patil says:

    Boss how to download these books? Please help.


    • damitr says:

      Right now there are no known links for e-copies of these books. So, for now, you cannot download these books. Will update the links as and when I find them, keep looking for the updates.



  3. Dr. Lalit Patil says:

    Keep uploading books for a better future of humanity.


  4. Prithviraj says:

    how do u collect these books man?


  5. P. SENGUPTA says:

    How to download these books , Sir?


  6. divya says:

    I have “Cybernetics within us” by Yelena Saparina from the popular science series, and a few other books from Mir Publishers that I believe haven’t been posted here yet i.e., : “Machines of the 20th Century”, “Meet Aerospace Vehicles” , “In Quest of the Quantum”. but I don’t have a scanner. Would digital photos be okay to upload?


    • The Mitr says:

      Dear Divya Thanks for the interest. The photos if not taken properly, with a tripod and glass over the book for flat pages, introduce a lot of undesired warping and distortions. To get focus all through the page is another problem, and flash produces another problem. To avoid this you might need to do a bit of tweaking before you get best possible results with a camera. If you wish to contribute I would suggest that a scanner would be an easier and better alternative. Typically once set, a book of around 200 pages, with 2-in-1 scan will take less than an hour to scan at 300 dpi. If you do not have a scanner you can use scanner at a friend’s place or at a place where there is scanner for example in your college. Let us know if you need any further help.


  7. Patil says:

    You can download app CamScanner free. Check if it proves useful.


  8. jmazzone@arnet.com.ar says:
  9. Ritankar Ghosh says:

    Hello Bhaiya
    I think this title is also a part of this series:
    “The space and time perception by the cosmonaut”
    By Alexei Leonov and Vladimir Lebedev
    I have a photo of the cover but don’t know where to post.
    Thank you


  10. Silent Sparrow 98 says:

    Hello everyone,
    I think there is another book in this series namely
    Space and Time Perception By The Cosmonaut By Alexei Leonov and Vladimir Lebedev
    I have a photo of the cover but not the book Sorry


  11. Silent Sparrow 98 says:

    There’s another book (not of this series)
    Order And Disorder In The World of Atoms by A.I.Kitaigordosky
    It was mentioned in the references of This Amazingly Symmetrical World by Lev Tarasov
    Though I Have a photo of the cover of the book but I don’t have the original MIR published book
    But I do have something…. The book was also published by Springer-Verlag as apart of Heidelberg Library
    Here is the link:
    Carry On the good work……


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