Problems in Physics – Zubov, Shalnov

We now come to the much anticipated “Problem Books” series and start with Problems in Physics by V. Zubov and V. Shalnov. This will be a good material for those who are preparing for Olympiads and other competitive exams.

For the most part, this is a collection of modified problems
discussed in extracurricular circles and at tutorials and
Olympiads at the Moscow University.
In selecting and preparing the problems for this collection
the authors attempted to focus the attention of the reader
on those postulates and laws of physics where students make
the most mistakes. Some problems were specially selected
to explain comprehensively the application of the most
important laws – something which students often fail to
grasp properly. A number of problems concern the subjects
usually omitted in secondary school text-book problems.
Some problems are intended for discussion in extracurricular
circles or for independent study by those wishing to
acquaint themselves with material beyond the scope of the
school syllabus.
The most difficult problems and the problems outside
the scope of the secondary school syllabus are provided
with detailed explanations in order to give the student
a better understanding of the general principles of solution.
With this end in view, some sections are also supplemented
with brief information about the most frequent mistakes
and the simplest means of solution.

The book was translated from the Russian by A. N. Troitsky and the translation was edited
by J. B. Williams. Mir Publishers published this book first time in 1974 with a second reprint in 1985. The link below is for the second print.

PDF | OCR | Pagination | Bookmarked | 301 pp | 600 dpi | 19.3 MB (17.4 Zipped)

You can get the book here.

Update: 08 December 2015 | Added Internet Archive Link

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Chapter I. MECHANICS (Problems 9 | Answers and Solutions 141)

1. Rectilinear Uniform Motion ( 9 | 141 )
2. Rectilinear Uniformly Variable Motion ( 15 | 148 )
3. Curvilinear Motion ( 18 | 152 )
4. Rotational Motion of a Solid Body ( 19|154 )
5. Dynamics of the Rectilinear Motion of a Point (20|155)
6. Power Impulse. Momentum (28|164)
7. Work. Energy. Power (33|169)
8. Dynamics of a Point Moving in a Circle (37|176)
9. Statics (45|188)
10. Universal Gravitational Forces (53|194)
11. Oscillations (54|197)
12. Hydro- and Aerostatics (56|201)

Chapter II. HEAT AND MOLECULAR PHYSICS (Problems 63 | Answers and Solutions 207)

13. Thermal Expansion of Bodies (63|207)
14. Quantity of Heat. Heat Exchange (65|210)
15. The Gas Laws (66|211)
16. Surface Tension (73|219)
17. Humidity of Air (77|224)

Chapter III. ELECTRICITY (Problems 78 | Answers and Solutions 224)

18. Coulomb’s Law (78|224)
19. Electric Field. Field Intensity (81|229)
20. Work Done by Forces in an Electrostatic Field. Potential (85|235)
21. Electric Field in a Dielectric (88|239)
22. Capacitance and Capacitors (89|241)
23. The Laws of Direct Current (93|244)
24. Thermal Effect of Current Power (102 | 255)
25. Permanent Magnets (105 | 257)
26. Magnetic Field of a Current (112 | 263)
27. Forces Acting in a Magnetic Field on Current-Carrying Conductors (116 | 267)
28. Electromagnetic Induction (120 | 270)

Chapter IV. OPTICS (Problems 124 | Answers and Solutions 271)

29. The Nature of Light (124 | 271)
30. Fundamentals of Photometry (126 | 273)
31. The Law of Rectilinear Propagation and Reflection of Light 128 275
32. Spherical Mirrors (133 | 279)
33. Refraction of Light at Plane Boundary (136 | 283)
34. Lenses and Composite Optical Systems (137 | 285)

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8 Responses to Problems in Physics – Zubov, Shalnov

  1. Muthuvel says:

    Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!, a big hug damitr…..i cant wait to know what you have in the problem books
    Series…more to come?….could you put a list here on the site so we can enjoy the expectations!,,
    Thanks man…


  2. Sanghapah says:

    gorgeous!!! thnxs a lot my dear Damitr


  3. asd says:

    thanks damitr . you got me busy for a while with this one.


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  5. G.Ashwinkumar says:

    Thanks for your continued efforts, I’m a student preparing for IITJEE and once i came to your blog and started loving it. I faced a problem of not able to collect good books to prepare and once i saw this wah i was stunned. I still thought many were like me as there are no authentic blogs for all preparation material. So i started my own blog to help others like me

    I’ve started posting books and I’ve also posted this book which of course i got from here, I’ve given proper credits and have given a link back to this page!

    There are some non Mir books which are good so i’ve started posting even them.

    Kudos keep your efforts! Thanks for helping many like me !


  6. shanks srinivasan says:

    Thank you The Mitr….really really appreciate you taking time to do this. These books are PRICELESS….I grew up solving these problems in high-school and now was looking for these books for my children.


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