Problems in Electrodynamics – Batygin, Toptygin

In this post, we will see the book Problems In Electrodynamics by V.V. Batygin; I.N. Toptygin

About the book

This book contains about 750 problems on classical electrodynamics and its more important applications, including over 150 problems on the special theory of relativity, and about 70 prob­lems on vector and tensor analysis.
In addition to problems illustrating fundamental concepts and laws of electrodynamics, which can be solved by purely mathematical methods, the collection includes a large number of more complicated problems (these are indicated by asterisks). Some of the solutions involve a considerable amount of effort, while others are purely theoretical in nature and follow from a lecture course on electrodynamics (propagation of waves in anisotropic and gyrotropic media, motion of charged particles in the electro­magnetic field, representation of the electromagnetic field by a set of oscillators, and so on). Finally, there are problems which are concerned with topics which are not well covered by existing texts, for example, interaction of charged particles with matter (Chapter XIII), applications of conservation laws to the analysis of collision processes and particle disintegration (Chapter XI), ferro­magnetic resonance (Chapter VI), and so on. The second part of the book gives answers and solutions to a large number of these problems.
Each section is prefaced by a short theoretical introduction in which the necessary formulae are given. These short introductions do not pretend to be complete; more extensive treat­ments will be found in the books listed in the bibliography.

The book was translated from Russian by was published in  by Publishers.

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Preface iii

Problems Solutions
Chapter I. Vector and tensor calculus 1 185

Chapter II. Electrostatics in vacuum 15 194
Chapter III. Electrostatics of conductors and dielectrics 27 207
Chapter IV. Steady currents 49 240
Chapter V. Magnetostatics 56 247
Chapter VI. Electrical and magnetic properties of matter 68 266
Chapter VII. Quasi-stationary electromagnetic fields 82 286
Chapter VIII. Propagation of electromagnetic waves 93 313
Chapter IX. Electromagnetic oscillations in bounded bodies 113 358
Chapter X. Special theory of relativity 120 375
Chapter XI. Relativistic mechanics 135 391
Chapter XII. Emission of electromagnetic waves 153 420
Chapter XIII. The radiation emitted during the interaction of charged particles with matter 177 462
Appendix I. The 𝛿-function 481
Appendix II. Spherical Legendre functions 234
Appendix III. Cylindrical functions 487

Index 491

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