Problems in Elementary Physics – Bukhovtsev et al.

We now come to Problems in Elementary Physics by B. Bukhovtsev, V. Krivchenkov, G. Myakishev, and V. Shalnov.

This collection of 816 problems is based on the textbook “Elementary Physics” edited by Academician G. S. Landsberg. For this reason the content and nature of the problems and their arrangement mainly conform with this textbook. There is no section devoted to “Atomic Physics”, however, since the exercises in Landsberg’s book illustrate the relevant material in sufficient detail. Some problems on this subject have been included in other chapters. The problems, most of which are unique, require a fundamental knowledge of the basic laws of physics, and the ability to apply them in the most diverse conditions. A number of problems in the book have been revised from those used at the annual contests organized by the Physics faculty of the Moscow University. The solutions of all the difficult problems are given in great detail. Solutions are also given for some of the simpler ones. The book is recommended for self-education of senior pupils of general and special secondary and technical schools. Many problems will be useful for first and second year students of higher schools.

The book was translated from the Russian by A. Troitsky and was edited by G. Leib. Mir Publishers published this book first in 1971 and was reprinted again in 1978. The link below is for the 1978 edition.

PDF | OCR | Bookmarked | Pagination | Cover | 27.6 MB (Zip 24.7) | 443 pp | 600 dpi

You can get the book here.

For Magnet/Torrent Links go here. (Please share and seed.) Contents

Chapter 1. Mechanics (Problems: 7 | Answers and Solutions: 160)

1-1. Kinematics of Uniform Rectilinear Motion

1-2. Kinematics of Non-Uniform and Uniformly Variable Rectilinear Motion

1-3. Dynamics of Rectilinear Motion

1-4. The Law of Conservation of Momentum

1-5. Statics

1-6. Work and Energy

1-7. Kinematics of Curvilinear Motion

1-8. Dynamics of Curvilinear Motion

1-9. The Law of Gravitation

1-10. Hydro and Aerostatics

1-11. Hydro and Aerodynamics

Chapter 2. Heat. Molecular Physics (Problems: 68| Answers and Solutions: 268)

2-1. Thermal Expansion of Solids and Liquids

2-2. The Law of Conservation of Energy. Thermal Conductivity

2-3. Properties of Gases

2-4. Properties of Liquids

2-5. Mutual Conversion of Liquids. and Solids

2-6. Elasticity and Strength

2-7. Properties of Vapours

Chapter 3. Electricity and Magnetism (Problems: 87| Answers and Solutions: 294)

3-1. Electrostatics

3-2. Direct Current

3-3. Electric Current in Gases and a Vacuum

3-4. Magnetic Field of a Current. Action of a Magnetic Field on a Current and Moving Charges

3-5. Electromagnetic Induction. Alternating Current

3-6. Electrical Machines

Chapter 4. Oscillations and Waves (Problems: 127| Answers and Solutions: 365)

4-1. Mechanical Oscillations

4-2. Electrical Oscillations

4-3. Waves

Chapter 5. Geometrical Optics (Problems: 135| Answers and Solutions: 380)

5-1. Photometry

5-2. Fundamental Laws of Optics

5-3. Lenses and Spherical Mirrors

5-4. Optical Systems and Devices

Chapter 6. Physical Optics (Problems: 151| Answers and Solutions: 421)

6-1. Interference of Light

6-2. Diffraction of Light

6-3. Dispersion of Light and Colours of Bodies

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35 Responses to Problems in Elementary Physics – Bukhovtsev et al.

  1. db.jan says:

    Mr Damitr
    Do you have Elementary Physics(G. S. Landsberg) book?


    • damitr says:

      I have the course in Elementary Physics by Landsberg (all 3 Volumes). One doesn’t know if there is another (single) book with the title Elementary Physics, or the author are referring to these 3 Volumes.



      • NESF says:

        Mr Damitr
        There is a book I have been searching for a long time, from MIR Publishers. I live in Brazil and the only way to get it is buying by a seller who brings it from East Germany (Berlin). The book is entitled “Elementary Physics: Problems and Solutions” ; author: “Isaak Pavlovich Gurskii”. This book seems to be very important in the Physics Science. Will you, sometime in the future, post it ?



        • damitr says:

          Yes. Gurskii is very much with us and soon (don’t ask, but be assured) in future you will see Gurskii and Problems in Theoretical Physics by Grechko.



          • srihyd says:

            Problems in Theoretical Physics by Grechko book is with you for a long time, is it uploaded and I missed it or not yet? I am still hunting for it but could not be traced yet.
            Thank you


          • The Mitr says:

            Yes, it is pending for a long time. No it has not been uploaded. Have a bit more patience my friend.


      • jcarl says:

        hello, where do buy them?


  2. db.jan says:

    In the future we will see this book on your site?


  3. m95 says:

    Very wonderful post, thanks a lot


  4. Thiago says:

    Looks like Saraeva


    • The overseer says:

      ‘Saraeva’ is the vulgar way brazilians call this book, the actual name it’s Problems in Elementary Physics, and the autors are Saraeva, Krivtchenkov, Miakishev & Bukhovtsev. We call it just Saraeva because it’s easy to pronounce. 🙂


      • damitr says:

        Thanks for the information. I did not know that Mir books were popular in Brazil also. Maybe you can help us with list of Mir books available in Portuguese.
        On another note there are quite a few titles from Little Mathematics Library and others available in Spanish.



        • The overseer says:

          Well… they are, since we have our version of IIT, The ITA (Instituto de Tecnologia da Aeronáutica – Technological Institute of Aeronautics) and IME (Military Institute of Engineering), and those books are actually good to prepare for those institutions’ tests;

          Also, we study most in english and spanish because mir books in portuguese are really, really rare. (only ‘Saraeva’ i believe)

          I think the only way i can contribute is seeding, because your website happens to be my source of mir books.

          I think i might have some books that are not listed here, let me check and i’ll upload later.


          • The overseer says:

            sorry for my terrible english 🙂


          • Fernando says:

            Instituto Tecnológico DE Aeronáutica, por favor, haha 😛

            And it’s true, those books are usually used for students about to take ITA and IME exams, and also for Physics Olympiads preparation. And like he explained, we just call it “Saraeva”, it’s shorter and easier to speak, haha.


        • luangab says:

          Hi damitr,
          I’m brazilian and fond of this website, congrats! About your note, I have a version of this book in spanish (only pdf), and I haven’t seen links on the website to them. Do you share spanish versions as well? Might me quite useful for a lot of people.

          The spanish version is a translation by Marina Kostrítsina of 1979. It’s interesting that the last author listed on the english version is here listed as I. M. Saráeva, which explains why we call this book “Saraeva”.


        • Leandro says:

          Piskunov is also popular in Brazil, and I got one 😀


      • Thiago says:

        There’s no “Saraeva” in the author list, though. Unless Saraeva == Shalnov.


        • luangab says:

          The spanish version I have is a translation by Marina Kostrítsina of 1979. It’s interesting that the last author listed on the english version is here listed as I. M. Saráeva, which explains why we call this book “Saraeva”. The books has two front pages, one in spanish and one in russian, and the last author in russian seems to be, on this version, something like “й. M. Сараева”.


      • Arthur says:

        saraeva is actually the last edition o this book, published in 1977, where saraeva was included in the author’s team. So this book here is similar of saraeva but just an edition earlier!


  5. Daniella says:

    If you have the Landsberg’s 3 volume book(s) please upload it.
    Then this problem book will have a meaning. Pleaseeeeeeee…


  6. lalit says:

    thank for this i`m searching from 2 yrs


  7. Chhatrasal Rathore says:

    Damitr is perhaps the greatest social worker of this century. I really respect such type of persons by heart. May god bless him.


  8. jcarl says:

    I wanna to buy Elementary textbook on physics edited by G. S. Landsberg volumen 3 if someone to decide to sell it o to know where can I get it on some bookstore to doubt to say me,


  9. jcarl says:

    don’t doubt to say me


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  11. sengthai says:

    anyone have 4shared link? I cant download 😦


  12. DP says:

    Could you please upload 3 volume book of Landsberg?


  13. DP says:

    Thanks for the wonderful collection of scientific books. Could you please share the Elementary Physics by Landsberg(3 Vol)?


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