Little Mathematics Library – Taking Stock

We take stock of what we have and what remains to be had in the Little Mathematics Library series. There is only 1 (updated 25 Oct 21) 4 5 (+ 1 in bad condition) titles remaining, they are marked in red, so if you have any of these please let us know. Or if you know of any book that is missing please let us know.

Of course anything like this would not have been possible if, there were not all others  who preceded us in goodwill and thought. These are people whom we don’t know and maybe won’t ever know, it is due to them that most of titles are with us.

Dedicated to Smiley and team. We all owe it to you!

Update: Thanks to Biju all the files can be found at one place (4shared), here.

Or a single link for all the files here. (52.3 MB)

Password for these files:

Algebraic Equations of Arbitrary Degrees – A. G. Kurosh

An Unusual Algebra – I. M. Yaglom (Have copy, to be scanned.)

Areas and Logarithms – A. I. Markushevich

Calculus of Rational Functions – G. E. Shilov

Complex Numbers and Conformal Mappings – A. I. Markushevich

Differentiation Explained – V. G. Boltyansky

Dividing A Line Segment in Given Ratio – N. M. Beskin

Elements of Game Theory – Ye. Venttsel

Fascinating Fractions – N. M. Beskin (Thanks to KS for link, we have it now)

Geometrical Constructions With Compasses Only – A. Kostovskii

(Thanks to Saugata for pointing this, we do have the PLM version, will soon release.)

Update: PLM version released, still need to get LML version. 

Link updated with LML version, thanks to 4evercla6 (26 October 2021)

Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem – V. A. Uspensky

Images of Geometric Solids – N. M. Beskin

Induction in Geometry – L. I. Golovina, I. M. Yaglom

Inequalities – P. P. Korovkin

Lobachevskian Geometry – A. S. Smogorzhevsky

Method of Successive Approximations – N. Ya. Vilenkin

Pascal’s Triangle – V. A. Uspensky

Plotting Graphs – G. E. Shilov

Post’s Machine –  V. A. Uspensky

Proof In Geometry – A. I. Fetisov

Recursion Sequences – A. I. Markushevich

Remarkable Curves – A. I. Markushevich 

Solving Equation In Integers – A. O. Gelfond

Stereographic Projection – A. I. Markushevich, B. A. Rosenfeld, N. D. Sergeeva

Systems of Linear Equations – L. A. Skornyakov 

(Update 25 October 2021)

Systems of Linear Inequalities – A. S. Solodovnikov

The Euler Characteristic – Yu. A. Shaskin

The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic – L. A. Kaluzhnin

The Kinematical Method in Geometrical Problems – Yu. I. Lyubich, L. A. Shor

(Update 26 October 2021)

The Method of Coordinates – A. S. Smogorzhevsky

The Method of Mathematical Induction – I. S. Somisnky

The Monte Carlo Method – I. M. Sobol

The Shortest Lines – L. A. Lyusternik 

(Update 27 October 2021)


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41 Responses to Little Mathematics Library – Taking Stock

  1. Saugata Bhattacharyya says:

    There was a book A. Kostovskii in this series with the name “Geometrical constructions with compasses only.” I have 20 out these 33 books in my collection including the missing one by Kostovskii.


    • damitr says:

      Thanks Saugata have updated the post, and was actually in the original listing that I had done. But somehow missed it on this list. This book is also part of the Popular Lectures in Mathematics series as Vol 4.
      We will soon have postings of PLM, and Topics in Mathematics (TiM) also.



  2. atulk says:

    Since links to the book “Remarkable Curves – A. I. Markushevich” are dead in the original post, here are some alternative links.
    Page 16 is missing from the copies mentioned above, though.


  3. atulk says:

    Thanks for the collection!


  4. atulk says:

    Alternate links for “Remarkable Curves – A. I. Markushevich” (the one in the original post is dead) :
    Page 16 is missing, though


  5. atulk says:

    Link in the original post “Remarkable Curves – A. I. Markushevich” is dead, here is one that works currently:


  6. Souvik says:

    Hey Damitr here is the Complete list of all the In the various Series OF MIR Publishers

    LML = Little Mathematics Library, MIR.
    PLM = Popular Lectures in Mathematics, Blaisdell & Pergamon.
    PML = Pocket Mathematical Library, Gordon and Breach.
    TiM = Topics in Mathematics, Heath.

    Argunov, B. I. & Skornyakov, L. A. Configuration Theorems. TiM. (1957),
    trans. by Edgar E. Enochs & Robert B. Brown. Heath, 1963.
    Barsov, A. S. What is Linear Programming? TiM. (1959), trans. by Michael
    B. P. Slater & Daniel A. Levine. Heath, 1964.
    Beskin, N. M.
    Dividing a Segment in a Given Ratio. LML. (1973), trans. by V.
    Zhitomirsky. MIR, 1975.
    Fascinating Fractions. LML. (1980), trans. by V. I. Kisin. MIR, 1986.
    Boltyanskii, V. C.
    Envelopes. PLM 12. Trans. by Robert B. Brown. Pergamon, 1964, HB.
    Equivalent and Equidecomposable Figures. TiM. (1956), trans. by Alfred
    K. Henn & Charles E. Watts. Heath, 1963.
    Boltyanskii, Vladimir Grigor’evich & Gohberg, Izrail’ Tsudikovich. The
    Decomposition of Figures into Smaller Parts. PLM ??. Trans. by Henry
    Christoffers & Thomas P. Branson. Univ. of Chicago Press, 1980.
    Domoryad, A. P. Mathematical Games and Pastimes. PLM 10. (1961), trans.
    by Halina Moss. Pergamon, 1963.
    Dubnov, Ya. S. Mistakes in Geometric Proofs. TiM. (2nd ed, 1955), trans.
    by Alfred K. Henn & Olga A. Titelbaum. Heath, 1963.
    Dynkin, Eugene B.; Molchanov, S. A.; Rozental, A. L. & Tolpygo, A. K.
    Mathematical Problems: An Anthology. Revised English Ed. Trans. by Richard
    A. Silverman. PML Workbook 3, Gordon and Breach, nd [1968?]. XEROX.
    Dynkin, Eugene B. & Uspenskii, V. A.
    Multicolor Problems. Heath, 1963.
    Problems in the Theory of Numbers. (1952); Heath, 1963.
    Random Walks. Heath, 1963. From estate of J. H. Cadwell.
    Ehrenfeucht, Aniela. The Cube Made Interesting. (As: Ciekawy Sz_cian, PWN,
    1960.) Translated by Wac_aw Zawadowski. PLM 9, Pergamon, 1964.
    Fetisov, A. I. Proof in Geometry. LML (also was TiM). Trans. by Mark
    Samokhvalov. MIR, (1977), 2nd ptg, 1982.
    Gelfand, I. M.; Glagoleva, E. G. & Kirillov, A. A. Trans. by Richard A.
    Silverman. PML Primer 1. Gordon and Breach, 1969.
    Golovina, L. I. & Yaglom, I. M. Induction in Geometry. TiM. (2nd ed,
    1961), trans. by A. W. Goodman & Olga A. Titelbaum. Heath, 1963.
    Kaluzhnin, L. A. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic. LML. Trans. by
    Ram S. Wadhwa. MIR, 1979.
    Khurgin, Ya. I.
    Did You Say Mathematics? Trans. by George Yankovsky. MIR, (1974), 2nd
    ptg, 1984.
    Yes, No or Maybe. (1983), trans. by Alxander Repyev. MIR, 1985.
    Korovkin, P. P.
    Differentiation. (1963). Trans. and adapted by Richard A. Silverman.
    PML Course 2. Gordon and Breach, 1969.
    Inequalities. PLM 6. (1952), trans. by Halina Moss. Blaisdell, 1961.
    Kostovskii, A. N. Geometrical Constructions Using Compasses Only. PLM 4.
    (1959), trans. by Halina Moss. Pergamon, 1961, HB.
    Kurosh, A. G. Algebraic Equations of Arbitrary Degrees. LML. (1975),
    trans. by V. Kisin. MIR, (1977), 2nd ptg, 1984.
    Lopshits, A. M. Computation of Areas of Oriented Figures. TiM. (1956),
    trans. by J. Massalski & Coley Mills Jr. Heath, 1963.
    Lyubich, Yu. I. & Shor, L. A. The Kinematic Method in Geometrical Problems.
    LML. (1976), trans. by. Vladimir Shokurov. MIR, 1980.
    Lyusternik, L. A. The Shortest Lines. LML (PLM 13). Trans. by Yuri
    Ermolyev. MIR, (1976), 2nd ptg, 1983.
    Markushevich, A. I.
    Areas and Logarithms. LML (also was TiM). (1979); trans. by I.
    Aleksanova. MIR, 1981.
    Complex Numbers and Conformal Mappings. LML (= PLM 8). (1979), trans.
    by Irene Aleksanova. MIR, 1982.
    Infinite Series. Trans. from 3rd Russian ed. of 1961 by Irena Zygmund.
    Heath, 1967.
    Recursion Sequences. LML. Trans. by V. Zhitomirsky. MIR, (1975), 2nd
    ptg, 1983.
    Remarkable Curves. LML. (1978), trans. by Yu. A. Zdorovov. MIR, 1980.
    Rosenfeld, B. A. & Sergeeva, N. D. Stereographic Projection. LML. (1973),
    trans by Vitaly Kisin. MIR, 1977.
    Shilov, G. E.
    Calculus of Rational Functions. LML. Trans. by V. I. Kisin. MIR,
    (1976), 2nd ptg, 1982.
    Plotting Graphs. LML (was half of a TiM). Trans. by S. Sosinsky. MIR,
    (1978), 2nd ptg, 1985.
    Shreider, Ju. A. Equality, Resemblance, and Order. (1971), trans. by
    Martin Greendlinger. MIR, 1975, HB.
    Shreider, Yu. A. What is Distance? PLM. Trans. by Leslie Cohn & Harvey
    Edelberg. Univ. of Chicago Press, 1974.
    Sierpi_ski, Wac_aw. A Selection of Problems in the Theory of Numbers.
    (PWN, 1964.) Translated by Ambikeshwar Sharma. PLM 11, Pergamon/Macmillan,
    1964, HB.
    Skornyakov, L. A. Systems of Linear Equations. LML. (1986), trans. by
    Eugene Yankovsky. MIR, 1988.
    Smogorzhevskii, A. S. The Ruler in Geometrical Constructions. PLM 5.
    (1957), trans by Halina Moss. Blaisdell, 1961.
    Smogorzhevsky, A. S.
    Lobachevskian Geometry. LML. Trans. by V. Kisin. MIR, (1976), 2nd
    ptg, 1982.
    The Method of Coordinates. LML. Trans. by Ram S. Wadwha. MIR, (1980),
    2nd ptg, 1984.
    Sobol, I. M. The Monte Carlo Method. LML. (1967; 2nd ed, 1971), trans. by
    V. I. Kisin. MIR, (1975), 2nd ptg, 1984.
    Solodovnikov, A. S. Systems of Linear Inequalities. LML. (1977), Trans.
    by Vladimir Shokurov. MIR, 1979.
    Sominsky, I. S. The Method of Mathematical Induction. LML (= PLM 1 and was
    TiM). (1974), trans. by Martin Greendlinger. MIR, (1975), 2nd ptg, 1983.
    Steinhaus, Hugo. One Hundred Problems in Elementary Mathematics. (PWN,
    1963); PLM 7, Pergamon, 1963; Basic, 1964.
    Straszewicz, S. Mathematical Problems and Puzzles from the Polish
    Mathematical Olympiads. (PWN, 1965); PLM??, translated by J. Sm¢lska,
    Pergamon, 1965, HB.
    Trakhtenbrot, B. A. Algorithms and Automatic Computing Machines. TiM.
    (2nd ed, 1960), trans. by Jerome Kristian, James D. McCawley & Samueal A.
    Schmitt. Heath, 1963.
    Uspenskii, V. A.
    Pascal’s Triangle. PLM ??. Trans. by David J. Sookne and Timothy
    McLarnan. Univ. of Chicago Press, 1974.
    Some Applications of Mechanics to Mathematics. PLM 3. (1958), trans.
    by Halina Moss. Pergamon, 1961, HB.
    Uspensky, V. A.
    G”del’s Incompleteness Theorem. LML. (1982), translated & revised by
    Neal Koblitz. MIR, 1987.
    Post’s Machine. LML. (1979), trans. by R. Alavina. MIR, 1983.
    Vasilyev, N. & Gutenmacher, V. Straight Lines and Curves. (1978), trans by
    Anjan Kundu. MIR, (1980), 2nd ptg, 1985.
    Venttsel’, E. S. An Introduction to the Theory of Games. TiM. (1959),
    trans. by Jerome Kristian and Michael B. P. Slater. Heath, 1963.
    Vilenkin, N. Ya.
    Combinatorial Mathematics for Recreation. (1969), trans. by George
    Yankovsky. MIR, 1972, HB.
    Method of Succesive Approximations. LML (= PLM 15). Trans. by Mark
    Samokhvalov. MIR, 1979.
    Vorob’ev, N. N.
    Criteria for Divisibility. PLM ??. Trans. by Daniel A. Levine &
    Timothy McLarnan. Univ. of Chicago Press, 1980.
    Fibonacci Numbers. PLM 2. Trans. by Halina Moss. (1951); Blaisdell,
    Vorobyov, N. N. The Fibonacci Numbers. TiM (= PLM 2). (1951); Trans. by
    Norman D. Whaland Jr. & Olga A. Titelbaum. Heath, 1963.
    Yaglom, I. M. An Unusual Algebra. LML. Trans. by I. G. Volosova. MIR,

    PLM. * items I have, but are not listed above. [ ] items I don’t

    1 – Sominskii; 2 – Vorob’ev: Fibonacci; 3 – Uspenskii: Some Applications;
    4 – Kostovskii; 5 – Smogorzhevskii: Ruler; 6 – Korovkin: Inequalities; 7
    – Steinhaus; 8 – Markushevich: Complex Numbers; 9 – Ehrenfeucht; 10 –
    Domoryad; 11 – Sierpinski: Selection of Problems; 12 – Boltyanskii:
    Envelopes; 13 – Lyusternik; [14 – B. E. Margulis: Systems of Linear
    Equations;] 15 – Vilenkin: Successive;
    ?? – Boltyanskii & Gohberg; Straszewicz; Uspenskii: Pascal; Vorob’ev:


    Argunov & Skornyakov; Barsov; Boltyanskii: Equivalent; Dubnov; Fetisov;
    Golovina & Yaglom; Lopshits; Markushevich: Areas; [I. P. Natanson:
    Summation of Infinitely Small Quantities;]
    [V. G. Shervatov: Hyperbolic Functions;] Shilov: Plotting;
    [Shilov & Natanson: Simplest Maxima and Minima Problems]; Sominskii;
    Trakhtenbrot; Venttsel’; Vorobyov: Fibonacci.


    Dynkin & Uspenskii – three books; Markushevich: Infinite Series;

    Univ. of Chicago

    Boltyanskii & Gohberg; Shreider: Distance; Uspenskii: Pascal; Vorob’ev:


    Primers 1 & 2. I. M. Gelfand et al.: The Coordinate Method; [Functions and
    Workbooks 1 & 2. S. I. Gelfand et al.: [Sequences and Combinatorial
    Problems; Learn Limits Through Problems.]
    Workbook 3. E. B. Dynkin et al.: Mathematical Problems: An Anthology –
    Courses 1 & 2. P. P. Korovkin: [Limits and Continuity;] Differentiation.

    Upload All of them on the site please i want everyone get benefit from real Knowledge!!!!

    Keep your good Work going bro
    hope that you are soon going to upload all of the above books.

    C U later!!>>>


  7. Souvik says:

    Author: V.A.Uspensky

    Title: Pascal’s Triangle: Certain Applications of Mechanics to Mathematics

    Series: Little Mathematics Library
    Publisher: Mir Publishers Pages: 86
    Year: 1976 ISBN: 0-7147-1335-X

    Translation: V.Kisin.


  8. Souvik says:

    Author: V.A.Uspenskii

    Title: Some Applications of Mechanics to Mathematics

    Series: Polular Lectures in Mathematics, volume 3
    Publisher: Pergamon Press Pages: 58
    Year: 1961 ISBN: 0-08-009503-8


  9. hkvc says:

    Induction in Geometry is WRONGLY pointing to Proof of Geometry. Please do update to the proper link. Thanks for all your efforts till date.


  10. Ayush says:

    I was able to find the ebook for The Kinematical Method in Geometrical Problems – Yu. I. Lyubich, L. A. Shor , but alas in Russian. :/


  11. Chandramouli Mahadevan says:

    Folks, I downloaded the 52+MB file successfully. Many many thanks. Can you post the password for unlocking the files. mirtitles is not working. Am I missing something ? Many thanks once again. Regards, CM


  12. Password, if required, for 4shared files: and mirtitles. both of them are not working. Thanks.


    • damitr says:

      See the FAQs. Try changing the unzip software.



      • Chandramouli Mahadevan says:

        Dear Damitr:

        The issue is not with the decompressor. The password on the page is incorrect.

        The password shown is this page is :

        The correct password is : www dot mirtitles dot org
        You need to put a “.” character instead of dot. For some reason, this shows up as an hyperlink. But I am sure you get the point. Thanks.

        You might want to correct this information for all the 4shared links. Hope this info helps.



  13. First, this is a great site. Thanks for all the hardwork. I would like for you to consider the previous post as a request. I have downloaded the 52+MB RAR bundle. But the passwords are not working. I have tried mirtitles as well as the Can someone post a quick solution ? Thanks once again. CM.


  14. The password is not It is www dot mirtitles dot org. No blanks. Use the character “.” instead of text dot. Hope this info helps.


    • desperadomar says:

      chandramouli ,you are right the problem is with the wordpress ,we posted it without the hyperlink ,when ever you post a web address it adds the ‘http’ into this ,well thanks for updating and I am looking into this problem


      • Chandramouli Mahadevan says:

        Oh, Well. Technology is full of such quirks. If someone can update the password in the actual post with a short note that it is wwwmirtitlesorg, and explain what is, I think we should be OK. It did puzzle me a bit. Furthermore, the choice of the archival program is not an issue because both WinRAR; WinZIP handle these seamlessly. So, a small update to the effect on the posting about choice of “unzip” utilities would help.


  15. nevaesh says:

    Great post, many thanks for compiling this list of MIR jewels!
    Just a quick note: the Stereographic Projection is pointing to the Remarkable Curves book description.


  16. edwin castro says:

    thanks for the list of mir books
    i need the list of books published en french .


  17. gnv64 says:

    P have scanned my copy of “An Unusual Algebra – I. M. Yaglom”
    I have added OCR, bookmarks with covers. You can download it


  18. Fulan says:

    Hello and thanks for all the books. The Kinematic Method In Geometrical Problems is on


  19. fellowbaba says:

    As of October 2018, 26 out of 33 titles in LML are available. Following Titles need LML versions:
    1. Geometrical Constructions With Compasses Only – A. Kostovskii
    2. Pascal’s Triangle – V. A. Uspensky
    3. Recursion Sequences – A. I. Markushevich
    4. Systems of Linear Equations – L. A. Skornyakov
    5. The Euler Characteristic – Yu. A. Shaskin
    6. The Method of Mathematical Induction – I. S. Somisnky
    7. The Shortest Lines – L. A. Lyusternik

    If anyone has any of the above titles in LML version, please upload it on


  20. Bodhayan Prasad says:

    Link for the book: The Kinematic Method In Geometrical Problems – Yu. I. Lyubich, L. A. Shor


  21. 4evercla6 says:

    Just uploaded the book
    Systems of Linear Equations – L. A. Skornyakov


  22. 4evercla6 says:

    The Kinematical Method in Geometrical Problems – Yu. I. Lyubich, L. A. Shor


  23. 4evercla6 says:

    Link to Geometrical Constructions With Compasses Only – A. Kostovskii


  24. 4evercla6 says:

    Just uploaded the book; the original Mir edition with green cover.
    The Shortest Lines – L. A. Lyusternik


  25. fellowbaba says:

    Hello The Mitr,
    Three titles in LML series are yet to be uploaded:
    1. Euler Characteristics
    2. Pascal’s Triangle (Uploaded in PLM series but not in LML series!)
    3. Mathematical Induction (Uploaded in PLM series but not in LML series!)

    Please update the stock taking!


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