Little Mathematics Library – Proof In Geometry

We now come to Proof in Geometry in by A. I. Fetisov in the Little Mathematics Library series.

The Introduction of the book says:

The pupils often fail to understand why truths should be proved that seem quite evident without proof, the proofs often appearing to be excessively complicated and cumbersome. It sometimes happens, too, that a seemingly clear and convincing proof turns out, upon closer scrutiny, to be incorrect.

This booklet was written with the aim of helping pupils clear up the following points:
1. What is proof?
2. What purpose does a proof serve?
3. What form should a proof take?
4. What may be accepted without proof in geometry?

The book was translated from the Russian by Mark Samokhvalov and was first publised by Mir in 1978.  This books was also published in the Topics in Mathematics series by Heath in 1963 and this edition was translated by Theodore M. Switz and Luise Lange. Dover [in 2006] has republished this book along with Mistakes in Geometric Proofs by Y. S. Dubnov as one single volume.

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The table of contents is as follows:

Foreword 7
l. What Is Proof? 3
2. Why Is Proof a Necessity? 12
3. What Should Be Meant by a Proof? 19
4. What Propositions May Be Accepted Without Proof? 44

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19 Responses to Little Mathematics Library – Proof In Geometry

  1. Thx a lot Damitr bro If u need any book then plz notify me.Again thx a ton mate.


  2. sanits591 says:

    Hi Ankit, could you please upload the list of MIR publishers books (which are not uploaded in this site or not on on Physics, Chemistry, & Mathematics, so that entire community who are looking for MIR works can be benefited.

    Anticipatory thanks!


  3. Here we go sanits591 ————————
    !.Special Theory of Relativity by V.A Ugarov
    @.Semiconductor physics by Petr Semenovich Kireev
    #.Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Reactors by V.E. Levin
    $.Fundamentals of Physics volume 1 & 2 by A.A. Pinsky and B.M. Yavorsky
    %.Electrodynamics by IU. V Novozhilov and Yu. A. Yappa
    ^.Fundamentals of Mathematical Analysis Volumes 1 & 2 by V.A. Ilyin and E.G. Poznyak
    &.Engineering Drawing by S. BOGOLYUBOV
    *.and some more not remember now and one Anatomy book tell about 10 after some time.I dont know they may be on net but i dint see,can u tell me where to get some MIR Physics maths books on net.And ask to Damitr if he gonna upload these then y i Too scan these.


  4. Nitin says:

    Thanks Ankit,

    It would be nice on your part, if you can upload the following, which would be of my use:
    .Fundamentals of Physics volume 1 & 2 by A.A. Pinsky and B.M. Yavorsky
    %.Electrodynamics by IU. V Novozhilov and Yu. A. Yappa
    ^.Fundamentals of Mathematical Analysis Volumes 1 & 2 by V.A. Ilyin and E.G. Poznyak

    And many more i am looking upto this level



  5. Dear Nitin
    I started my scanning i will be able to upload but you have to also help me to tell me where should i put those and where to get which i dont have ok.



    • Muthuvel says:

      Dear ankit, can you upload the scanned books? Please?…electrodynamics?, i sent also one email to you could you pl reply?, in few weeks i will upload the LML KINEMATICS METHODS IN GEOMETRY….


    • Nitin says:

      Dear Ankit

      There are various websites, which are providing to upload stuff free of cost and can be shared with the web links. The one which i use for my purposes is, or the best idea is to make use of torrents.

      There are so many lovers of MIR Publishers or russian (or Hungarian) contents on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, posting on different websites, which can be googled to dig out more. The site, which has russian contents on these subjects (would require translation software) is

      Hope this would help to go further.



  6. Basile says:


    Little Mathematics Library – Proof In Geometry
    After page 42 the file is corrupt.

    Thank you,


  7. Ramani Krithivasan says:

    Dear Mr.Damitr, the pages after 41 are missing showing unexpected end of file. Please continue your wonderful work.


  8. atulk says:

    Please note the reply just above yours, wherein I have indicated the URL for downloading the complete book.


  9. Ramani Krithivasan says:

    Thanks atulk, I had downloaded it. Can you please tell me how to go about in torrent magnetic links. I tried to install the plugin for mozilla and still i could not access them.


  10. says:

    I liked your site
    I need these books
    Can you send me the pdf books
    1.How to Read and Do Proofs, An Introduction to Mathematical Thought Process1982
    by Daniel Solow
    2.The Gödelian Puzzle Book: Puzzles, Paradoxes and ProofsAug 22, 2013
    by Raymond M. Smullyan
    3.Abel’s Proof: An Essay on the Sources and Meaning of Mathematical UnsolvabilityFeb 27, 2004
    by Peter Pesic
    Mathematical Proofs Paperback – Large Print, November 2, 2015
    by Dr. Noah Ras
    5.Introduction to Mathematical Proofs, Second Edition (Textbooks in Mathematics)Dec 17, 2014
    by Charles Roberts
    5.Analysis: With an Introduction to Proof (4th Edition)Dec 9, 2004
    by Steven R. Lay
    Mathematical Analysis and Proof, Second Edition 2nd Edition
    by D Stirling
    7.The History of Mathematical Proof in Ancient TraditionsAug 27, 2012
    by Professor Karine Chemla
    8.100% Mathematical ProofJul 1996
    by Rowan Garnier and John Taylor
    Discrete Mathematics: Proof Techniques and Mathematical Structures Hardcover – September, 1999
    And if you can not send
    Is there a way to provide these books because I do not have enough money to buy them.


    • The Mitr says:

      Hi sam.ahmady

      I think you have misunderstood the purpose of this site, we only have information on books published by the erstwhile Soviet Union. None of the books that you have listed belong to that category. Though internet is a vast space where you will get what you want.

      The Mitr


  11. Mahoma Iza Villalba says:

    The links are down, could someone please provide another link?
    I love this website


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