Little Mathematics Library – Elements of Game Theory

In the Little Mathematics Library series we now come to Elements of  Game Theory by Ye. S. Venttsel.

This book treats in a popular manner the elements of game theory and some methods for solving matrix games. It contains almost no proofs and illustrates the basic principles with examples. To be able to read the book, an acquaintance with the elements of probability theory and calculus is enough. The book is intended to disseminate the ideas of game theory which have practical economic or military applications.

The book was translated the Russian by Vladimir Shokurov and was  first published by Mir in 1980.

PDF | Cover | Bookmarks | OCR | 3.8 MB | 76 pp | 600 dpi

You can get the book here.

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1. The Subject-matter of Game Theory. Basic Concepts 7
2. The Lower and the Upper Value of the Game. The “Minimax” Principle 14
3. Pure and Mixed Strategies. The Solution of a Game in Strategies 21
4. Elementary Methods for Solving Games. 2 x 2 and 2 x n Games 24
5. General Methods for Solving Finite Games 45
6. Approximation Methods for Solving Games 56
7. Methods for Solving Some Infinite Games 59

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6 Responses to Little Mathematics Library – Elements of Game Theory

  1. nir says:

    filecloud link is dead


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  3. Uugnaa N says:

    I just uploaded a Mongolian translation dates to 1971.


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