Little Mathematics Library – Plotting Graphs

The graph of the sine, wave after wave,
Flows along the axis of abscissas...

In the Little Mathematics Library series we now come to Plotting
 Graphs by G. E. Shilov. We have already seen another book by Shilov,
namely, Calculus of Rational Functions. The section on graphs in that
book is similar to this booklet.

… we shall be dealing here with graphs of a different kind, with
graphs that must be plotted from given mathematical formulas. A need for such graphs often arises in various fields of knowledge. Thus, in analysing the theoretical course of some physical process, a scientist obtains a formula yielding some magnitude with which he is concerned, for example, the amount of product obtained relative to time. The graph plotted from this formula will provide a clear picture of the future process. Looking at it, the scientist may possibly introduce substantial changes into the scheme of his experiment in order to obtain better results.

In this booklet we shall consider some simple methods of plotting graphs from given formulas.

The book was translated the Russian by S. Sosinsky and was first published by Mir in 1978.

PDF | Cover | Bookmarks | OCR | 1.1 MB | 36 pp | 600 dpi

You can get the book here.

You can get the Magnet/Torrent links here.


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7 Responses to Little Mathematics Library – Plotting Graphs

  1. lalit says:

    i`m so happy to get this


  2. ashish says:

    i downloaded it as zip file but i could not open the file….! what to do @damitr?


  3. Gautham says:

    The first link on filecloud is not opening. Please check


  4. Gautham says:

    Hi, the first link on filecloud is dead. Please update.


  5. Rahul Kashyap says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Please download from here and the link could also be updated to direct to here.


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