Little Mathematics Library – Dividing A Line Segment in Given Ratio

There is no branch of mathematics such that one could have the right
to say: "I have complete knowledge of this". The most elementary
problem has hidden in it unexpected connections with other problems,
and this process of going deeper and deeper into a problem has no end.

In the Little Mathematics Library series we now come to Dividing A
Segment In A Given Ratio by N. M. Beskin.

The booklet describes various theories to which a deep study of the problem of dividing a line segment in a given ratio  leads. Considering this elementary and those related to it, the  reader will make a short travel over some branches of mathematics come into contact with affine and projective geometry and the theory of groups, though in most cases without mentioning those names.  The book is intended for pupils of the senior forms; in its main parts it can be easily grasped by pupils of the seventh and eighth forms.

The book was translated from the Russian by V. Zhitomirsky and was
first published by Mir in 1975.

PDF | Cover | Bookmarks | OCR | 4.4 MB | 76 pp | 600 dpi

You can get the book here.

You can get the Magnet/Torrent links here.

Preface 7
1. Orientation of a straight line and a line segment 9
2. Directed line segments  10
Chapter I. Simple ratio
3. Statement of the problem 13
4. Solution of the problem 17
5. Mechanical interpretation of the problem  20
6. Invariant property of a simple ratio with respect to
parallel projection 20
7. Permutation of elements in a simple ratio 22
8. Group property of a simple ratio  25
9. Ideal points (points at infinity) 29
10. Separation of points on a straight line  34
11. Ceva’ s theorem  37
12. Menelaos’ theorem 45
Chapter II. Cross ratio
13. Notion of a cross ratio  48
14. Invariant property of a cross ratio with respect to central projection  50
15. Permutation of elements in a cross ratio 52
16. Harmonic tetrads  55
17. Finding the fourth point given a cross ratio 58
1.8. Theorem on a complete quadrilateral 61
19. Group property of a cross ratio  63
Problems  65
Answers and solutions  68

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2 Responses to Little Mathematics Library – Dividing A Line Segment in Given Ratio

  1. james may says:

    please can you upload most of the filecloud of the mathematics book onto 4 shared as filecloud is died

    thank you very much

    do you know any soviet maths books that asks Olympiad style questions


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