The kinematic method in geometrical problems – Lyubich, Shor

In this post we will one of the volumes in the Little Mathematics Library series titled The kinematic method in geometrical problems by Yu. I. Lyubich and L. A. Shor.

About the book:

When solving a geometrical problem it is helpful to imagine what would happen to the elements of the figure under consideration if some of its points started moving. The relationships between various geometrical objects may then become clear graphically and the solution of the problem may become obvious.

The relationships between magnitudes of segments, angles and so on in geometrical figures are usually more complicated than the relationship between their rates of change when the figure is deformed. Therefore, in solving geometrical problems one may benefit from a “theory of velocities”, i.e. from kinematics.

This little book uses a number of examples to show how kinematics can be applied to problems of elementary geometry and gives some problems independent solution. The necessary background information from kinematics and vector algebra is given as preliminary.

The book is based on lectures given by the authors for school mathematics clubs at Kharkov State University named after A. M. Gorky. It is intended for high school students.

The book was translated from the Russian by Vladimir Shokurov and was first published by Mir in 1980.

Thanks a ton to periplusmathematicus for original scan, we cleaned, OCRed and bookmarked the file. This was the comment posted by periplusmathematicus in the LML post

Lyubich, Shor – The kinematic method in geometrical problems
May this upload help in corresponding research! I only upload what was given to me freely, for educational and scientific purposes!

PDF | OCR | Bookmarked | Cover

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1. Elements of vector algebra
2. Elements of kinematics
3. The kinematic method in geometrical problems

Hints on the exercises

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  1. Prashant says:

    Thanks A lot of this, been waiting eagerly!


  2. Dwarakanath T A says:

    Thank you very much. Very important kinematic problem I was facing got resolved through this book.


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