Little Mathematics Library – The Method of Coordinates

The size and aim of the book has forced us to restrict ourselves 
to an account of the basic facts about the method of coordinates
and its simplest applications.

In the Little Mathematics Library series we now come to Method of
Coordinates by A. S. Smogorzhevky.

The booklet deals with a fundamental method of analytical
geometry and its ability to describe geometrical figures
through equations. This method permits geometrical study
and solution of geometrical problems by algebraic means,
thus making a visual representation of complex spatial
configurations superfluous. Considerable attention has been
devoted to the question of representing geometrical figures
through equations, which is often difficult for those who
being to study the method of coordinates.
Detailed examples have been given to illustrate the
application of the method. The booklet is intended for senior school chidlren and all those interested in mathematics.

The book was translated the Russian by Ram S. Wadhwa and was
first published by Mir in 1980.

PDF | Cover | Bookmarks | OCR | 2.4 MB | 52 pp | 600 dpi

You can get the book here.

You can get the Magnet/Torrent links here.


Introduction 7
1. Coordinates of a Point on a Straight Line 9
2. Coordinates of a Point in a Plane 10
3. Basic Problems 13
4. Equations of Geometrical Figures 15
5. Equation of a Straight Line 20
6. Method of Coordinates as a Means of Solving Geometrical Problems 22
7. Same Applications of the Method of Coordinates 25
8. Polar Coordinates 32
9. Examples of Defining Figures by Equations 37
Conclusion 46

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3 Responses to Little Mathematics Library – The Method of Coordinates

  1. Leon Pessoa says:

    I can’t download this one, the first link is not working and no seeders in the torrent. Can you reupload it?
    Thanks for the great work sharing these great books. My respect from São Paulo, Brazil.


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