Little Mathematics Library

Just like the Science for Everyone series, Mir Publishers also ran a series in mathematics called the Little Mathematics Library. Here are some of the books from that series. Please add the books that are not listed here and are not known to me [there will be a lot for sure]
Some the titles are gems in mathematics and mathematical thinking, for example Induction in Geometry and Proof in Geometry are really well developed. The books though are small in size (typical size below 100 pages) are packed with a mathematical punch. Though small in size the contents are not diluted, as it happens in many small mathematics books. The books are quite rigorous in treating the material at hand.

Title Author Year Pages
Pascal’s triangle Vladimir A Uspenski 1973 86
Method of successive approximations N. Ya. Vilenkin 1979 109
The fundamental theorem of arithmetic L. A. Kaluzhnin 1979 35
The kinematic method in geometrical problems Yu. I. Lyubich, L. A. Shor 1980 55
Calculus of rational functions G.E. Shilov 1976 50
Complex numbers and conformal mappings A.I. Markushevich 1982 62
Geometrical constructions with compasses only A. Kostovskii 1986 77
Proof in geometry A I Fetisov 1982 64
Algebraic equations of arbitrary degrees A.G. Kurosh 1977 35
Gödel’s incompleteness theorem Vladimir A Uspenski 1987 102
The Euler Characteristic Yu A Shashkin 1989
Elements of Game Theory Ye Venttsel 1980
Method of coordinates A S Smogorzhevsky 1984 47
Plotting graphs G.E. Shilov, S Sosinsky 1978 29
Systems of linear equations L.A. Skorniakov. 1988 64
Differentiation explained V.G. Boltyansky 1977 62
Recursion sequences A I Markushevich 1975 48
Solving equations in integers A.O. Gelfond 1978 56
Shortest lines: variational problems L.A. Lyusternik 1973 103
Fascinating fractions N.M. Beskin 1986 86
An unusual algebra I.M. Yaglom 1978 127
The methods of mathematical induction. I S Sominsky 1975 63
Inequalities P P Korovkin. Sergei Vrubel 1986 71
Stereographic projection B. A. Rosenfeld; N. D. Sergeeva 1986 50
The Monte Carlo method I.M. Sobol. 1975 72
Dividing a segment in a given ratio N.M. Beskin. 1975
Lobachevskian geometry A S Smogorzhevsky 1982 69
Systems of linear inequalities A. S. Solodobnikov 1979 122
Induction in geometry L. I. Golovina and I. M. Yaglom 1979 132
Post’s machine V.A. Uspensky 1983 88
Areas and logarithms A.I. Markushevich 1981 69
Remarkable curves A.I. Markushevich 1980 47
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34 Responses to Little Mathematics Library

  1. Saad Qamar says:

    The list that you collected and written here is really enlightening. I myself never knew of so many books from MIR publishers. Actually I came to know of MIR publishers and Soviet/Russian books only few years ago when I came in Intermediate.
    Although you must be knowing it already but there is a book: “Differential and Integral Calculus” by N.S. Piskunov.
    Keep up your good and noble work of spreading awareness of the great legacy of Soviet Union.

    • damitr says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Yes I know about the book that you have mentioned. I will surely put it in the list that I am compiling for pure mathematics. There are two editions of this book, a single volume edition and a two volume edition.

    • Fake Name says:

      +1 for Piskunov

  2. rahul nandan says:

    As being in India I was not aware of the books from mir publishers. I am a vivid reader of maths
    books . this webpage has helped me to reach to the great books from mir publishers of russia.
    thanks for providing such valuable information of books from mir publishing house .

    As an high school student I would like to enjoy these books

    thanks for spreading the information about books from mir publishing house.
    good job.

  3. Srinivas says:


    Thanks a ton for listing the books. I would be grateful if you could also upload the scanned copies of the books that you have.

    • damitr says:

      Thanks for the comment, will be doing that a little while later. But many of them are already available on the internet.


  4. somen says:

    i will be grateful if you can provide link to especially euler characteristic,unusual algebra,fundamental theorm of arthimetic ,complex no and conformal mapping ,game theory and induction in geometry .

  5. pranjal singhai says:

    could you provide some links to download these books.i have also heard of calculus by puskinov,also bublished by mir.

    • damitr says:


      Thanks for the link. The books here were published in America and differ a bit in style of translation from the Mir counterparts in English, which were published later.



  6. Alessandro Ghelardini says:

    The most beautiful and interesting book of Little Mathematics Library is “The kinematic method in geometrical problems” by Lyubich-Shor.It might think extending the method to theorems of space-geometry.

    • Dave says:

      I have a printed copy of “The kinematic method in geometrical problems” booklet by Yu. I. Lyubich, L. A. Shor; English translation, Mir Publishers, 1980; 56 pages. I have no idea on how a scan of this could be made available, etc. If Damitr could contact me, maybe we could arrange something.

      • The Mitr says:

        Hi Dave,

        You can use any scanner for doing this. Or even photos with good lighting and no distortion should do the job. And then you have the magical scan tailor to make things easy for you. Check this for some tips.

        Let us know if you need any further help.


      • A. Stra says:

        I’ve been searching for this book and had no success whatsoever! Did you make it?

  7. bibek sen says:

    it’s a pity that these books are no longer available in indian market, i learnt a lot about extra curricular maths from these books, i’d be happy if a valid link is given here

  8. bibek sen says:

    Systems of Linear Inequalities is not found

  9. Where can I get the pdf or djvu file for The kinematic method in geometrical problems?

  10. Muthuvel says:

    Ja, where is it

  11. AJAY says:

    oh! ammajing ammajing

  12. AJAY says:

    oh! ammajing ammajing!

  13. maxisjaisi says:

    Hi, some of the links to the titles are broken. What about uploading all the books to Archive? Some are still not on Archive.

  14. Nelson says:

    Geometrical Constructions Using Compasses Only by Kostovskii

  15. Ravi Chandra says:

    First of all, thank you for the good work!

    Am looking for the books “Equations and Inequalities” and “Algebra”. Could you please let me know how to get them? Thanks again!!

    • The Mitr says:

      by “Algebra” if you meant “An Unusual Algebra” it is already there. And I am not aware if there is a book titled “Equations and Inequalities”, thought there is “Inequalities” by P. P. Korovkin. Sergei Vrubel and Systems of linear inequalities by A. S. Solodobnikov.

  16. Lyubich, Shor – The kinematic method in geometrical problems
    May this upload help in corresponding research! I only upload what was given to me freely, for educational and scientific purposes!

  17. galib20 says:

    What are some good arithmetic textbooks for beginners; preschool; primary; secondary; levels?

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  19. Soham Chatterjee says:

    Do you have the euler characteristic by Ya. A. Shashkin document

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