Little Mathematics Library- An Unusual Algebra

The next book on LML series is here. An Unusual Algebra by I.M.Yaglom Translated from the Russian by G. Volosova.




The present book is based on the lecture given by the author to senior pupils in Moscow on the 20th of April of 1966. The distinction between the material of the lecture and that of the book is that the latter includes exercises at the end of each section (the most difficult problems in the exercises are marked by an asterisk). At the end of the book are placed answers and hints to some of the problems. The reader is advised to solve most of the problems, if not all, because only after the problems have been solved can the reader be sure that he understands the subject matter of the book. The book contains some optional material (in particular, Sec. 7 and Appendix which are starred in the table of contents) that can be omitted in the first reading of the book. The corresponding parts of the text of the book are marked by one star at the beginning and by two stars at the end. However, in the second reading of the book it is advisable to study Sec. 7 since it contains some material important for practical applications of the theory of Boolean algebras.
The bibliography given at the end of the book lists some books which can be of use to the readers who want to study the theory of Boolean algebras more thoroughly.
The author is grateful to S. G. Gindikin for valuable advice and to F. I. Kizner for the thoroughness and initiative in editing the book.

Thanks to Gnv64 for uploading this GEM.


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Preface 5
1. Algebra of Numbers and Algebra of Sets 7
2. Boolean Algebra 23
3. Further Properties of Boolean Algebras. Principle of Duality. Boolean Equalities                  and Inequalities 37
4. Sets and Propositions. Propositional Algebra 54
5. “Laws of Thought”. Rules for Deduction 63
6. Further Examples of Application of Rules for Deduction. Implication B9
7. Propositions and Switching Circuits 89
8. Normed Boolean Algebras 100
Appendix*. Definition of a Boolean Algebra 117
Answers and Hints 120
Bibliography 125

Name Index 126
Subject Index 127


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  1. Eric says:

    I don’t think this link works. I don’t like this 4shared site…i think dropbox is better.


  2. uday1234 says:

    Yes there is problem with this link


  3. Eric says:

    Guys, I have two new pdfs I think haven’t been posted on this site yet. Let me know if I am right:

    1. Theory of Elasticity of an Anisotropic Body Mir Publishers 1981 S. G. Lekhnitskii, 430 pages

    2. Problems of wave optics (Knowledge series) – 1976 by S. E. Frish, 68 pages

    Let me know.



  4. uday1234 says:

    Dear Eric, I would be interested


  5. See Khiang says:

    Hi is there a working link to download An Unusual Algebra ?


  6. GianniN says:

    Hi to everyone, I want to share the set of 5 volumes of Artobolevsky – Mechanism in modern engineering design , at the moment only one of the 7 book is missing (volume 5 par 2)

    I will very happy if anyone can provide the missing book.

    You can download the pdf file from

    if you find any problem to download the books pls let me know,


  7. GianniN says:

    Hi to everyone, I want to share the LAST book of the set.

    Volumes 5 part 2
    Artobolevsky – Mechanism in modern engineering design
    is now

    You can download the FULL set of pdf files from


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    The link is not working. Can you please upload it to Internet Archive


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