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A Million Thanks!!

Today Mirtitles has had its first million views! A million thanks to all those who made the efforts to make this site the place it is and all those who spread the good word.

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New Bookshelf has arrived…

After some wait, finally got a new book shelf. Books are still not arranged in a proper way. All due to my procrastination. Books have been just brought out of boxes. The last one is the new one! Each shelf … Continue reading

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Baby Animals – Marshak, Barto, Laptev

  We now come to a wonderful and cute little children’s book titled Baby Animals and published by Raduga. This book is actually a compilation of three books on animal Babies. The first one is Babies of the Zoo by … Continue reading

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I need new bookshelves…

Given the bibliophile that I am, the space for books always tends to fill up… There are about 15 more boxes to arrive, and the shelf is already overflowing, (there are two more which are full)…. All randomly placed, no … Continue reading

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Problems in Physics – Kapitza

This one I have been searching for a while. I had read reference to this work in some book (which I don’t remember now),  and ever since was trying to find it. Luckily today I landed on a page which … Continue reading

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Gantmacher – Lectures in Analytical Mechanics

We now come to Lectures on Analytical Mechanics by F. Gantmacher. The course of analytical mechanics is a foundation supporting such   divisions of theoretical physics as quantum mechanics, the special   and general theories of relativity, and so forth. … Continue reading

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Gusev, Litvinenko, Mordkovich – Solving Problems in Geometry

In this post, we will see the book  Solving Problems in Geometry by V. Gusev, V. Litvinenko, A. Mordkovich. This book is intended for students at pedagogical (teacher training) institutes majoring in mathematics or in mathematics and physics. It has … Continue reading

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