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Travel To Distant Worlds – Gilzin

We now come to Travel to Distant Worlds by Karl Gilzin. This is a   very optimistic book about future, written at just the beginning of   space age. The youth throughout the world have been manifesting a great   … Continue reading

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The link for All About The Telescope has been updated. This is a major revision from the earlier link, in terms of quality. The download size is about ~118 MB. Update 2: gnv64 has made a (much) smaller version of … Continue reading

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Science for Everyone – In The World of Binary Stars

In the Science for Everyone series we now go to a journey In The World of Binary Stars by V. M. Lipunov. This book discusses many things about the binary stars and the exotic things that they can lead to. … Continue reading

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Science for Everyone – Our Planet – The Earth

The book in this post is titled Our Planet – The Earth by A. V. Byalko. The book is wonderfully written and well illustrated. This is a book which mingles with a lot of disciplines and presents us with a better … Continue reading

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Science for Everyone – This Fascinating Astronomy

We now come to another book in Science for Everyone Series, this one is titled This Fascinating Astronomy by V. N . Komarov. This book goes a step further than the two other astronomy books (All About The Telescope, A … Continue reading

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A Book About Stars and Planets – To Be Read To Children

Continuing with the last title, this post is also a book on astronomy for children by Yefrem Levitan, as the name of the book suggests. As again with the previous book, this book also has wonderful drawings, sometimes spanning two … Continue reading

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All About The Telescope

Surely, you’d like to know where the Earth ends, what surrounds the Earth, how far it is to the Moon and the stars, why the stars sparkle, why a ball you throw up always falls down, why it’s warmer in … Continue reading

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