A Bookful of Beasts – Mayakovsky

In this post, we will see the book A Bookful of Beasts by Vladimir Mayakovsky.

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About the book

The book is a picture book that describes various animals like elephants, llamas, giraffes, penguins, monkeys, camels, crocodiles, zebras, pelicans, bison, ostriches, elks. The simple but fabulous illustrations are something that will make anyone like them.


English version: The book was translated from the Russian by Avril Pyman and illustrations are by N. Charushin, published by Progress in 1978.  Note: the English version has highly saturated colours with a bluish tinge over all the images.

Telugu version: Titled పుస్తకం నిండా జంతువులే! (Pustakam Ninda Janthuvule!), translated by ?? published by Progress in 1982.

Do let us know if there are any other languages in which this book is available.

The Internet Archive English Link Telugu Link

(All credits to Guptaji)


PS: Please help with the name of the Telugu translator.

pustakam_ninda_janthuvule - A BOOK OF BEASTS - V. MAYAKOVSKY_0001

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3 Responses to A Bookful of Beasts – Mayakovsky

  1. Macson says:

    I had english version. Very nice book. Due to an unfortunate incident I had to sell it


  2. madscientistuwu says:

    The telugu translator’s name is P.P.C Joshi.


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