A glimpse of this months upcoming posts

2018-05-08 14.14.37

  • Essays on the Universe
  • Solid State Physics – Epifanov
  • Multiple Integrals, Field Theory and Series – Fomin, Budak
  • Basic Electronics – Zerbestov
  • Man and Animals
  • The Night After
  • A book of problems in ODE
  • The Nine Colours of the Rainbow – Steinhaus
  • Forces of Nature – Griggoryev, Myakishev
  • Selected problems and questions in strength of materials – Feodosyev (red book)
  • Gravitation, Elementary Particle Physics – Longunov (Ed.)
  • Miracles on Wheels – Markusha
  • Molecular Physics – Kiokin and Kiokin
  • Methods of Solving problems in high school mathematics – (blue book)
  • Physics a refresher course – Yavorksy
  • Problems on Fundamentals of Hydraulic and Heat Engineering –
  • A collection of problems – minorsky
  • Evolution of the Biosphere
  • Biophysics – Wolkenstein (not in the pic)


Sorry for the potato quality of the photo!

We hope to post these by the end of this month!!


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7 Responses to A glimpse of this months upcoming posts

  1. Akram Miriyev says:

    Where I can buy hard copy of these books ?

  2. Jatin Rathod says:

    Thanks a million! 🙂

  3. sadrish says:

    Solid State Physics – Epifanov ……. oh! how long have i been waiting for this book !!!!!

  4. wladimirz says:

    From 25 May nothing new on the site 😦 What has happened?

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