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Chemical Elements: How They Were Discovered

We now come to another book by D. N. Trifonov and V. D. TrifonovĀ  on history of chemistry titled Chemical Elements: How They Were Discovered. In this book we shall describe how the alphabet of chemistry has been designed and … Continue reading

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Science for Everyone – Our Planet – The Earth

The book in this post is titledĀ Our Planet – The Earth by A. V. Byalko. The book is wonderfully written and well illustrated. This is a book which mingles with a lot of disciplines and presents us with a better … Continue reading

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Science for Everyone – Satellite and Typhoon – Eye to Eye

We now come Satellite and Typhoon – Eye To Eye by S. Baibakov and A. Martynov in the Science for Everyone Series. I did not know the existence about this book till some Anonymous person reported about it in the … Continue reading

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