The Mystery of The Earth’s Mantle – Malakhov

In this post, we will see the book The Mystery of The Earth’s Mantle by A. Malakhov.
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About the book

What is the inside of the Earth like; what mysteries does its mantle conceal? What will the sensitive feelers of superdeep holes encounter there – boiling liquid magma or superhard matter, unimaginably high temperatures or cold approaching absolute zero?
Science cannot as yet give the exact answers to these questions, though myriads of different hypotheses have been put forth.
This book tells how scientists are ferreting out the secrets of the deeper zones of the Earth; its subject is the romance of the searches and tenacious investigations carried out by geologists who have devoted themselves to the study of the depths of our planet.
The book was translated from the Russian by David Sobolev and was published by Peace in 1966.
Riddles and More Riddles
An Argument 9
In the Fiery Font 12
The End of Gondwana Land 25
Rock Rhythms 35
Laws or Riddles? 43
The Black Arteries of the Depths 52
What the Neoneptunists Say 60
“We Must Not Wait for Favours.” 68
Flow of Information
A Signal into the Unknown 79
Key to the Gravity Code 100
Heat and Cold 112
You Will Not Find This in Any Textbook 119
Stray Currents 120
Hall! Radioactivity! 134
First Results 143
From Outer Space into the Depths of the Earth 145
In Search of the Unknown
Failures at First 161
Geography of the Unknown 166
The First Stone Tells Its Story 171
The Stone from the Kola Speaks 179
The Story of the Third and Fourth Stones 185
A Message from the Fifth Stone 190
Courtiers of the “Queen of the Depths” 194
An Artificial Mantle 203
And Here, Too, Synthesis 208
The World of Unsolved Riddles
Following in the Footsteps of the Classics 219
If the Magmatists are Right 224
Hardness Also Has Its Limit 231
“There’s No Magma Under the Crust!” 234
Beyond the Moho Discontinuity 240
But Who is Right? 243



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