Our Atmospheric Ocean – Kolobkov

In this post, we will see the book Our Atmospheric Ocean by N. Kolobkov.

About the book

A book about various atmospheric phenomena.

The importance of the atmosphere in the life of our planet cannot be overestimated. The earth is surrounded on all sides by air, with the surface like the floor of an enormous ocean of gas.
The atmosphere is like a mantle preserving the heat that comes from the sun. It is like the glass of a hot-house, for it lets in the solar rays but prevents the heat from dissipating into space. That is why the alternation of day and night on our planet does not give rise to sharp contrasts of heat and cold. The atmosphere is the planet’s invisible shield. It protects all living beings on earth from the scorching rays of the sun. It gives birth to the clouds, to the winds, and to the rains. It scatters the sunshine and makes gradual the change from light to darkness; it brings light to hidden parts of the globe; and it is a medium for the propagation of sound. Through the air, liners fly to all parts of the world. And through the air, man’s first interplanetary ships will hurtle.
This is why we must study the atmosphere, its composition, its properties, and its structure. The history of atmospheric studies is the story of how man learned about the clouds and beyond, of how he made light, sound, and radio serve as his scouts into this ocean of air. It is the history of numerous inventions, bold surmises, and wonderful discoveries. The achievements of investigators of the atmosphere are added proof of the prowess of science disclosing the innermost secrets of nature.

The book was translated from Russian by George Yankovsky and was published in 1960  by Foreign Languages Publishing House.

Original scan from Digital Library of India project.

You can get the book here.

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Introduction 5

Part One

Chapter One. The Atmospheric Ocean and Methods of Studying It 15
Chapter Two. Atmospheric Electricity 95
Chapter Three, Lightning and Thunder 106

Part Two

Chapter One. Thunderstorms 143
Chapter Two. Rainstorms 167
Chapter Three. Windstorms 200
Chapter Four. The Effects of Large Cities on the Microclimate 258

Part Three

Chapter One. Phenomena in the Upper Layers of the Atmosphere 301
Chapter Two. Optical Phenomena іп the Atmosphere 312

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