The Earth in the Universe – Fedynskii (Ed.)

In this post, we will see the book The Earth In The Universe edited by V. V. Fedynskii.


About the book:

The space age was initiated on 4 October 1957, when the first Soviet
artificial satellite was launched. Then, between 1961 and 1963, Gagarin,
Titov, Nikolaev, Popovich, Bykovskii, and Tereshkova made their heroic
entering into space. As a consequence, the science of the Earth is now
going into a new phase of reappraisal and vigorous development. The
Earth viewed from interplanetary space, the application of the advances in
physics and modern technology to the study of the Earth’s deep interior and
the remote fringes of the terrestrial atmosphere, the incorporation of new
disciplines into the science of our planet — all these call for a fresh approach
to many seemingly familiar phenomena.

This book presents a series of articles, covering a broad range of
subjects, by a group of Soviet scientists writing on some of the problems
of modern science, such as the structure of matter, the nature of physical
fields, the formation and evolution of the Earth and the universe, solar
activity and the Earth, and the interaction between the Earth’s biosphere
and physical fields. Some facts from the history of science which are
related to the “cosmization” of natural science (the emergence of science
into the reaches of outer space) are also presented. Many of the ideas
expressed in the articles of this collection draw upon the works of
great Russian scientists of the past, such as K. E. Tsiolkovskii and
V.I. Vernadskii, whose topical interest has been revived with the onset of
the space age.

The cheif editor of the book was V. V. Fedynskii, and the editorial board was comprised of I. Ya. Ballakh, A. L. Chizhevskii, V. V. Piotrovskii, and N. I. Taranov.


The book was translated from Russian by Israel Program for Scientific Translations in
1968. The book was published for NASA as a technical translation.

PDF | 430 pp. | 24.5 MB | OCR

The Internet Archive link.

All credits to Greg Williamson.

Table of Contents


E. T. Faddeev. Some characteristic aspects of modern science 6

Part One

D. D. Ivanenko. The structure of matter and attempts to create a unified theory of matter 21

Yu. S. Vladimirov. New developments in the study of gravitation 56

Part Two

V. A. Ambartsumyan. Galaxies and galactic evolution 62

B. A. Vorontsov-Vel’yaminov. Facts and puzzles concerning the structure of galaxies 80

V. S. Brezhnev. New ideas in cosmology and astrophysics 84

L. Ya. Ballakh. The role of explosive phenomena in cosmogonic processes  88

S. S. Gamburg. Some regularities showing similarity of the solar and planetary systems 94

S. B. Pikel’ner. The evolution and dynamics of the Sun 104

V. V. Fedynskii. Some problems involving both the Earth sciences and space sciences 113


Part Three

B. L. Lichkov. Symmetry features of the Earth associated with the gravitational field, structural geology, and hydrogeology 122

T. D. Reznichenko and S. D. Reznichenko. Some regularities in the evolution of the Earth 138

P. S. Veitsman. Deep seismic soundings and studies of the structure of the Earth’s crust in the USSR 189

V. A. Tsaregradskii. Regular long-period variations in the velocity  of the Earth’s rotation and related deformations of the Earth’s  crust 194

G. F. Lungersgauzen. Periodic climatic variations in the Earth’s geological past 212

V. V. Piotrovskii. Application of morphometry to studies of the Earth’s relief and structure 228

G. G. Khizanashvili. Formation of submarine valleys in the light of the dynamics of the Earth’s axis 244

S. Yu. Brodskaya. Paleomagnetic research in the USSR 258

V. B. Neiman. A comparative description of hypsographic data of some planets 264


Part Four

V. V. Arsent’ev. Giant solar flares in 1961 271

S. L Isaev. On the existence of a region of enhanced auroral activity to the south of the zone of maximum auroral frequency 275

A. L. Chizhevskii. One aspect of the specific bioactive or Z-radiation of the Sun 280

A. L. Chizhevskii. Physicochemical reactions as indicators of cosmic phenomena 308

N. A. Shul’ts. Effect of variations in solar activity on the number of white blood cells 316

N. S. Shcherbinovskii. The rhythms of prolific breeding of organisms determined by cyclic solar activity 331

Part Five

M. S. Eigenson. Abundance of organic matter in the universe 345

A. L. Chizhevskii. Atmospheric electricity and life 348

B. D. Vasil’ev. Atmospheric air, life, and the blood 364

A. A. Peredel’skii.  Penetrating radiations and radioecology 369

A. V. Krylov. Magnetotropism in plants 387

Part Six

A. L. Chizhevskii. K. E. Tsiolkovskii’s world priority 394


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