Can Man Change The Climate? – Borisov

In this post, we will see the book Can Man Change The Climate? by P. Borisov.


About the book:

This book examines the ways to solve the very important problem of improving the climate and reducing agriculture’s dependence on Nature to a minimum. The evolution of the Earth climate from the Paleogene to the present day,
the causes and laws of the climatic changes and the role of the World Ocean in the formation of climates are all unveiled. The reader will learn about the suggested projects for reforming Nature and the possibilities of putting them into effect.

Man’s attempts to control the weather and improve the climate over vast territories date back to ancient times. This desire was reflected in folklore, the Bible and folk legends, ritual rain dances” and historic documents. Scientists, too, contributed their efforts to finding the causes of climatic changes. Various projects for the improvement of climate were advanced time and again. The problem was approached in different ways. It was suggested, for example, to destroy the ice in the Arctic Ocean and thus save many countries in the moderate and northern latitudes from the ill effects of Arctic cold. Today the problem is acquiring practical importance. Having objectively analysed paleogeographic data, the author of this book, Soviet engineer P. Borisov, challenges the idea that the conservatism and inertia of climate cannot be overridden. He claims that the reconversion of climate is one of the most important international and social problems. P. Borisov is confident that there is a great future in store for his project which envisages a complex of hydrotechnical installations to create a direct flow of Atlantic waters through the Arctic Ocean, which could thus prevent the formation of the ice cover in the Arctic Basin.


The book was published in 1973 and was translated from the Russian by V. Levinson.

PDF | OCR | Cover | Bookmarked | 174 pages (pages 6-7 and 172-173 are missing)

The Internet Archive link.

Original scan can be found here. We cleaned the 2-1 page scan, did the OCR and bookmarking.


Foreword 7
The Troubles of Our Climate 11

Climates in the Distant Past 20

Climates of the Recent Past 28

Climates of the Closest Past 32

Modern Warming of the Arctic 43

Causes of the Changes in Climate 49

The Laws of Climatic Change 61

World Ocean, Sea Currents and Their Role in Forming the Climate 67

Improvement of Global and Regional Climatic Conditions. Evolution of Ideas 78

Is the Polar Gulf Stream Possible? 88

A Gulf Stream in the Arctic Basin 111

A Gulf Stream in the Pacific Ocean 119

First Stages of Climatic Amelioration 137

Practical Implementation Problems 150

Further Prospects of Climatic Amelioration 161

Conclusion 169

Literature 173

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