Chemical Elements: How They Were Discovered

We now come to another book by D. N. Trifonov and V. D. Trifonov  on history of chemistry titled Chemical Elements: How They Were Discovered.

In this book we shall describe how the alphabet of chemistry has been designed and how the inquisitive mind of the researchers discovered new chemical elements, one after another.

The history of chemical elements begins with their discovery. Although hefty volumes in which elements are described in detail pay very little attention to their discoveries, they are a major part of the history of human knowledge.

Each element has its own “biography”, interesting in its own way. The history of the discovery of many elements has not yet been exhaustively studied and quite a number of unclear issues should be cleared by historians of chemistry. Perhaps you will be one of them…

This is again one of the first books in my collection, and I had stumbled on it accidentally while looking for some other book when I was in school. We do know of translations in Hindi and Bengali. I do not know if there are any other translations of this book, any inputs in this regard would be great.

The book was translated from the Russian by O.A. Glebov and I.V. Poluyan and was first published by Mir in1982 and was reprinted in 1985.



Many thanks to gnv64 for this book.

You can get the book here.

Update:  Added IA link 12 August 2016

For torrent go here.

Notice to the reader 9
Introduction 11
Part One – Elements Discovered in Nature
Chapter 1 Elements Known in Antiquity
Chapter 2 Elements Discovered in the Middle Ages
Chapter 3 Elements of Air and Water.
Chapter 4 Elements Discovered by Chemical Analysis
Chapter 5 Elements Discovered by the Electrochemical Method
Chapter 6 Elements Discovered by the Spectroscopic Method
Chapter 7 Rare Earths
Chapter 8 Helium and Other Inert Gases
Chapter 9 Elements Predicted from the Periodic System
Chapter 10 Two Stable Elements Which Were the Last to Be Discovered
Chapter 11 Radioactive Elements
Part Two – Synthesized Elements
Chapter 12 Discoveries of Synthesized Elements Within the Old Boundaries of the Periodic System
Chapter 13 Transuranium Elements
Conclusion 252

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