When Daddy Was a Little Boy – Raskin

We now come to childrens book titled When Daddy Was A Little Boy by
Alexander Raskin.

This is a book written by a father about stories he told his daughter
Sasha, to cheer her up when she was sick. They include some funny and
some moral tales which will cheer up you too. So Enjoy!


The book was translated from the Russian by Fainna Glagoleva and
illustrations are by Lev Tokmakov. The book was first published by
Raduga Publishers in 1966 with many reprints in subsequent years. The
present scan is from the sixth reprint of 1989.

All credits to the original uploader.

PDF | OCR | Cover | Paginated | Bookmarked | 5 MB| 200 pages

You can get the book here.

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Introduction to Topology – Borisovich, Bliznyakov, Izrailevich, Fomenko

We now come to two volume set on Introduction to Topology by Yu. Borisovich, N. Bliznyakov, Ya. Izrailevich, T. Fomenko.



This is a two volume book set, which has 5 sections in all. It is based on lectures delivered by Yu. G. Borisovich at Mathematics Department of Voronezh University. Each of
the section is preceeded by an illustration which has a lot of mathematical content which are by Prof. A. T. Fomenko.

About the book

This textbooks is one of the many possible variants of a first course in topology and is written in accordance with both the author’s preferences and their experience as lecturers and researchers. It deals with those areas of topology that are most closely related to fundamental courses in general mathematics and applications. The material leaves a lecturer a free choice as to how he or she may want to design his or her own topology course and seminar classes.

The books were translated from the Russian by Oleg Efimov and was
first published by Mir Publishers in 1980.

Thanks to the original uploader for the scan.

Note: The scan quality is poor and text is barely readable at
times. We have added OCR, which is not reliable, reduced file size, combined 2 pdfs into
one, bookmarked and paginated and pdfs.  Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 which are
physically separate books have been combined in one single pdf. The
page numbering is continuous between the two volumes. Page 147 onwards are
the contents of Vol. 2. We have access to the hard copies, and might see a better version in the future.

PDF | Bookmarked | Paginated | OCR | Cover | 324 Pages |  24.2 MB

You can get the book here.

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In the Search for Beauty – Smilga

In an earlier post we have seen a wonderful book on special relativity titled Relativity and Man by V. Smilga. In that post, it was pointed out another book by this wonderful author titled In theSearch for Beauty, which has a very artful cover. I had first seen this book on the wonderful Soviet Books blog.


We were in process of searching this beauty, literally and figuratively both (see my and s.sanjay’s comments in Relativity and Man post), until we got this message from Boris Smilga the grandson of V. Smilga!

Hello. I have stumbled upon this excellent site somewhat accidentally, and was happy to find granddad’s footprints, so to say, on Indian soil. As the keeper of his estate, I happen to have the English edition of “In the Search for Beauty”, and, since you are interested in it, I have scanned it for the common good. You’ll find the file at https://dpworks.net/files/search-for-beauty.djvu (size≈23MB at 300 dpi, md5=718dd7f03a78325e82f0527854a9a394); please contact me if you have any trouble downloading it.

This is something that has really made me happy. I cannot thank Boris enough for this. Thanks once again Boris!!

Now something about the book:

The book takes us on a epic journey on the origins of non-Euclidean geometry  based on the parallel lines postulate and its  culmination in General theory of relativity of Einstein. It starts with era of Greek geometers, Euclid and his fifth postulate. Also the mathematical genius of the poet, polymath Omar Khayyam is given. Then the pages turn to mathematical giants like Bolyai, Lobachevsky, Gauss and their contributions to the development of non-Euclidean geometry. Then we come to general relativity and the final chapter on Einstein. The book is illustrated with witty cartoons throughout. (I have started but not yet finished the book, so the synopsis is not complete or exhaustive, please feel free to add your own review!).

The book was translated from the Russian by George Yankovsky. The book was published by Mir Publishers in 1970.

All credits to Boris Smilga.

You can get the book here (Boris’ link) and here (filecloud)  .

Djvu | OCR | 300 dpi| Covers | 175 pages (2-in-1 scan)| 23 MB

Password if needed: mirtitles

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1. Before Euclid – Prehistoric Times. 7
2. Euclid. 26
3. The Fifth Postulate. 57
4. The Age of Proofs. The Beginning. 81
5. Omar Khayyam. 92
6. The Age of Proofs. Continued. 129
7. Non-Euclidean Geometry. The Solution. 155
8. Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky. 198
9. Non-Euclidean Geometry. Some Illustrations. 230
10. New Ideas. Riemann. Non-contradictoriness. 246
11. An Unexpected Finale. The General Theory of Relativity. 269
12. Einstein 301

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Origin And Development Of Life On Earth – Voitkevich

After a long break in the Science for Everyone Series we come to one of the remaining titles in this series. This one is titled Origin and Development of Life on Earth by G. Voitkevich. This is a sort of sequel to another book by the same author titled Origin and Chemical Evolution of the Earth.

sfe-origin-and-development-of-life-on-earthThe book though included in popular science, series presents a vast panorama of geological events ranging from prehistoric times to the present, period, and covers practically all the landmarks, in the history of evolution.Various stages in the development of plants, animals, andman form a concatenation of scientifically valid discoveries with the disquisition of which the readers will become acquainted.

The author of this book is Prof. George Voitkevich, head of the department of geochemistry and geophysics at Rostov-on-Don State University. His multilateral scientific activity within the domain of the Earth sciences is well known in his own country as  well as elsewhere. His Fundamentals of Geochemistry is at present the standard manual for Soviet universities, some of his books have been translated into European and Oriental languages.

The book was translated from the Russian by G. G. Egrov and was first published by Mir Publishers in 1990.

All credits to the original uploader (presumably Gordon Freeman).

PDF | OCR | Cover | 6.9 MB

You can get the book here.

Password if, needed: mirtitles

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Preface 5
The Earth’s Contemporary Biosphere and Its
Population 9
The Antiquity of Life on the Earth 34
The Organic Compounds in Space 56
A Space History of Carbonic Molecules 73
The Origin of Biosphere and the Main Features
of Its Development 94
The Evolution of Primates and Man 215
Conclusion 224
Bibliography 229

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Krasnov – Aerodynamics 2

In this post we will see Aerodynamics 2 : Methods of Aerodynamic Calculations by N. F. Krasnov. In an earlier post we have seen Volume 1 of this book.


Before beginning the second part, readers should be familiar with the theoretical fundamentals of aerodynamics set out in the first part. Study of the material on applied aerodynamics, i.e, on the determination of aerodynamic characteristics, will help students master aerodynamic theory because according to didactic principles, scientific information is best assimilated when used actively to solve practical problems. Such an approach relies on the information stored in the researcher’s memory and on a comprehensive understanding of the logical relations that exist between individual elements.

Mastery of the methods of aerodynamic calculations is important as an it can be used  independently by those interested in individual problems of theoretical aerodynamics.

This book was translated from the Russian by G. Leib. The book was published by first Mir Publishers in 1985.

All credits to the original uploader. Thanks to desperadomar for find this volume.

PDF|  16.5 MB | Pages: 218 (2-in-1) | OCR | Cover

You can get the book here.
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A Call for Covers…

I would like all of you to contribute to our collection of covers of books. Many times it happens that the book is there, but the outer cover is missing. Most of the covers found on the internet are thumbnail sized and not good except for showing in a gallery, though there are some exceptions.

Two good resources are here and here.

But the technical books are to be found very rarely.

I am requesting all of you to submit the covers of the books that you have or have access to, so that it might be helpful to us in the future. Post the links to the images in comments of this post, we  will create a gallery of covers, when we have sufficient number of them, with due credits of course.

If you are planning to scan, please do at minimum 300 dpi with colour option.

Thanks in advance for your support.


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General Physics – Landau, Akhiezer, Lifshitz

The purpose of this book is to acquaint the reader with the 
principal phenomena and most important laws of physics. The 
authors have tried to make the book as compact as possible, 
including only what is essential and omitting what is of 
secondary significance. For this reason the discussion 
nowhere aims at anything approaching completeness.

Recently while scanning through The Internet Archive I stumbled upon this gem, I did not know that such a book existed, (and I still wonder why did not Mir Publishers publish the Landau, Lifshitz course by themselves). General Physics (Mechanics and Molecular Physics) by L.D. Landau, A.I. Akhiezer and E.M. Lifshitz.


This is a general physics textbook written at first and second year undergraduate level, covering mechanics, symmetry theory, heat and thermodynamics, and solid-state physics. The subjects are covered under the following headings: Particle Mechanics; Fields; Motion of a Rigid Body; Oscillations; The Structure of Matter ; The Theory of Symmetry; Heat; Thermal Processes; Phase Transitions; Solutions; Chemical Reactions; Surface Phenomena; Mechanical Properties of Solids; Diffusion and Thermal Conduction; Viscosity.

The book emphasizes the close relation- ship of physics to physical chemistry, crystallography and the properties of matter to a greater extent than is usual in textbooks of this standard. The approach is also different, and the treatment is distinguished by the unique insight and illumination characteristic of Landau and his school, and already well known to students of physics through the volumes in Landau and Lifshitz’s Course of Theoretical Physics, published by Pergamon Press.

This book was translated from the Russian by J. B. Sykes, A. D, Petford, C. L. Petford and was published by Pergamon Press in 1967.

The book was orginally written in 1937 as written in the Preface, but was not published till 1965, this after the terrible accident from which Landau survived, but never was “Dau” again.

To get it, go to the internet archive page for this book. Almost all possible formats there: pdf, djvu, epub, kindle, torrents, and pure text. And you can read online also.

Also, don’t forget to check the awesome Folkscanomy Science: Books of a Scientific Nature collection on The Internet Archive which this book is part of, tons (literally and figuratively ) of amazing books on astronomy and physics.

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