Problem Books in Physics – Taking Stock

In this post, we take a stock of all the “Problem Books in Physics” that we have and the ones which we don’t have.

The ones in a green text we already have, but they are not prepared (except one). Red ones we do not have, any help in locating these would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know if any have been missed out or any new to be added.

Questions and Answers in School Physics
Lev Tarasov, Aldina Tarasova

Aptitude Test Problems in Physics
Krotov (Ed.)

Physical Problems for Robinsons
V. Lange

Problems in General Physics
V. S. Wolkenstein, G. Leib, A. Troitsky

Problems in Physics
V. G. Zubov, V. P. Shalnov

Problems in Physics
A.A. Pinsky

Collection of Problems in Theoretical Physics

Physical Paradoxes and Sophisms V. N. Lange

Problems in General Physics
I.E. Irodov

A Collection of Questions and Problems in Physics
L. A. Sena

Problems in Elementary Physics
B. Bukhovtsev

Problems in Atomic and Nuclear Physics
I.E. Irodov

A Collection of problems on the equations of mathematical physics
A.V. Bitsadze, D.F. Kalinichenko

Selected questions and problems in physics
R. Gladkova and N. Kutylovskaya

General Methods of Solving Physics Problems
B.S. Belikov (Check link in comments, will add a post soon.) Posted

Selected problems on Physics
S. P. Myasnikov, T. N. Osanova (Don’t have) Posted

Problems in elementary physics
I.P. Gurskii (To be done) Posted

Problems in Theoretical Physics
L. G. Grechko et al (To be done)

Problems of Crystal Physics with Solutions
N. V.Perelomova, M. M. Tagieva (To be done)

Problems of Fundamentals of Hydraulic and Thermal Engineering
V.G. Erojin and M.G. Majanko (To be done)

Problems in School Physics
I.V. Savelyev (Don’t have)

Collected problems in physics
S. Kozel, E. Rashda, S. Slavatinskii (Don’t have)

Physics problems for the technician
R.A. Gladkova, L.S. Zhdanov (Don’t have)

Physics problems and questions
N. I. Goldfarb, Svetlana Landau (Don’t have)

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19 Responses to Problem Books in Physics – Taking Stock

  1. Pranav says:

    Hey there damitr! Thanks for such great books.

    Is it possible for you to upload the book “Problems of Crystal Physics with Solutions
    N. V.Perelomova, M. M. Tagieva” in the near future? I am going to begin with Crystal Physics in my course and I guess this book would be really helpful.

    Thank you. 🙂


  2. anthropos says:

    If I could help you with Grechko I really would – it’s the L&L problem book!


  3. anthropos says:

    Also, Bitsadze is already up:
    no need to divert precious time from more important material 😉


  4. s.sanjay says:

    Dear Damitr,
    “Physics: Problems and Questions” by N.I. Goldfarb is missing out from the list.


  5. Pseudoanonymous Greek says:

    General Methods of Solving Physics Problems
    B.S. Belikov


  6. Pseudoanonymous Greek says:

    Selected problems on physics
    S. P. Myasnikov, T. N. Osanova


  7. MathsMafia says:

    Dear friends, I have an Irodov physics original Mir book. kindly mail me if needed. javakarthickj(at)gmail(dot)com . Genuine buyers may contact. I don’t use the book hence selling it.


  8. Puspak Sen says:

    I am interested to read vol-I & Vol-II of Fundamentals of physics by B.Yavorsky & A.Pinsky. I will appreciate,if anybody either upload the same to this website or give me the link- Puspak


  9. hamid says:

    please i need sivoukhine (thermodynamics) in french if its possible ..if not in english if it`s disponible ^^


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