The Space Age – Shkolenko

In this post we will see The Space Age by Yuri Shkolenko

space age

The author, Yu. A. Shkolenko, is a doctor of philosophy and a journalist. In his book he has com-bined reflections on the fundamental processes occurring in the space age with a lively description of the everyday, practical aspect of cosmonautics. He takes the reader into the cabin of a spaceship, into the living module of an orbital station, shows him the experiments performed by the cosmonauts, and then offers him a glimpse, through the porthole, of the earth and other nearby planets, and of worlds unimaginably remote. As a result, the reader who has never been in space and is unlikely ever to go there, has nonetheless the opportunity to acquire a cosmic view of the world and, rising above his ‘earth-bound’ daily life, can form a new concept of his place and role in the Universe and on earth and appreciate the need for lofty moral principles and humane forms of social existence.

All credits to gnv64.

PDF |Progress Publishers | 1987 | 231 pages | 8 mb

You can get the book here or here.
Password if needed: mirtitles

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About the Book     6
Part One. Realities
Chapter One: Early History 10
Chapter Two: Homo Cosmicus 24
Chapter Three: The Universal Dimensions of Life 48
Chapter Four: Spaceship Earth 64
Chapter Five: The Industrialisation of Space82
Chapter Six: The Heavenly Ecumene  105
Part Two. Reflexions
Chapter Seven:  The End and Beginning of Aelita 140
Chapter Eight: Anti-Finalism 162
Chapter Nine: The ‘High Frontier’ of the Individual 176
Chapter Ten: The Cosmic World of Culture 193
Chapter Eleven:  The Universe versus Chaps . 213
Chapter Twelve: The Shining Hour 227

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