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Science for Everyone – Physics In Your Kitchen Lab – Kikoin

Physics is an experimental science since it studies the fundamental laws of nature by direct experimentation The first step in becoming an accomplished physicist is mastering of the techniques of physical experimentation. Continuing our rendezvous with the Science for Everyone … Continue reading

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I Am A Physicist

In I Am A Physicist, Prof. Kitaigorodsky takes up a difficult but worthwhile task: that of introducing the young reader to the world of science and showing the world surrounding him through the eyes of a physicist. We now come … Continue reading

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A Book About Stars and Planets – To Be Read To Children

Continuing with the last title, this post is also a book on astronomy for children by Yefrem Levitan, as the name of the book suggests. As again with the previous book, this book also has wonderful drawings, sometimes spanning two … Continue reading

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All About The Telescope

Surely, you’d like to know where the Earth ends, what surrounds the Earth, how far it is to the Moon and the stars, why the stars sparkle, why a ball you throw up always falls down, why it’s warmer in … Continue reading

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Physics for Everyone – Book 4 – Photons and Nuclei

In one of the previous post I had mentioned about a series of books by Lev Landau and A. I. Kitaigorodsky. In Books 1 and 2 both Landau and Kitaigorodsky are authors. But Book 3 and 4 are written by … Continue reading

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Igor Evgenyevich Irodov

Perhaps the most commonly known book for Problems and Solutions in Physics preparing for all the competitive exams in India is Problems in General Physics by I. E. Irodov. This book is still in print from CBS Publishers in Delhi … Continue reading

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Yakov Perelman

“to whet thirst for knowledge, to evoke the desire for further reading”. Chances are that ¬†one of the first book that actually interested you in mathematics and physics was that of the incredibly talented writer Yakov Perelman. There are numerous … Continue reading

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Popular Science Books – 1

In this post I am highlighting some of the books in the popular science series published by Mir. The time of publication is from late 60s to early 70s. The books are in varied subjects and disciplines and the reason … Continue reading

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Problem books in Physics

Mir also published a number of Problem Books in Physics and Mathematics. In this post we will looking at problem books in Physics. The most famous of these in India is the one by Irodov. Problems in General Physics is … Continue reading

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