Cybernetics Within Us – Saparina

In this post, we will see the book Cybernetics Within Us by Yelena Saparina.
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About the book
Can a rat tell the difference between a Raphael Madonna and a Picasso Girl in Blue? Would a Martian (if there is such a thing) recognize a live cat after having seen a photograph of one? Can a “seeing”electronic machine be made to tell a cat from a dog or an A from a B? How would it go about “computing” the image? And is “machine thinking”anything like human thinking?
These and other such problems are investigated in the branch of cybernetics that studies living systems: bionics, as this ultramodern science is now called. It developed when scientists began to compare the design and operation of electronic systems with living organisms. Our body, they found, is a complex cybernetic system controlled by countless self-regulating devices. In fact, every single cell of our body is an automatic control device in its own right. Millions upon millions of tiny cybernetic units are constantly at work within us. They maintain normal blood pressure, control the composition of the gastric juices, ensure the rhythmic contraction of the heart and lungs, and do a thousand other things that come under the heading of “vital functions”of the organism.
How they work and how our body functions is described in this popular exposition, which requires no previous knowledge of cybernetics, biology, electronics, or any other subject for that matter (except reading, of course).
The book was translated from the Russian by Vladimir Talmy and was published by Peace in 1966.
Page Author’s Preface 5
By Way of an Introduction 7
Cybernetics and the Heart 13
Electronic Doctor 18
The Equations of Health 22
Feedback and Physiology
Spades, Clubs, Diamonds,Hearts 35
Protein Alphabet 40
Machines of Life 44
Line-Up of Molecules 48
Our “Central Heating” System 52
Beehive Cybernetics 58
Body Communication Systems 62
Living Automation 67
Mapping the Brain 70
Neural Architecture 78
Telephone Exchange? 87 S
Step Search 94
Guessing Game 100
Cybernetic Training 106
King For a Day 112
Terra Incognita 118
A Brain Within the Brain 127
“Alarm Clock”and “Chronometer” 137
Pleasure Centre. 144
Reflex Circuitry 151
Voices of Neurons 155
Neuron Junctions 160
The Boons of Redundancy 165
Electronic Brains 175
“Insect” Machines 179
“Vertebrate” Machines 182
Guessing Games For the Brain 188
Switches and Controllers 194
A Vicious Circle 205
How to Teach a Machine 213
Of Cats and Martians 219
Television in the Brain 225
Behind the Screen 231
Seeing Machines 240
Hearing and Talking Machines 250
A Signal of Signals 255
Transmission Capacity of the Brain 264
Language and Information 271
Machine Language 276
Is Strict Logic Necessary? 282
Algorithms of Learning 289
From a Machine’s Point of View 295

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  1. J. Jahan says:

    Where is the book???

  2. Lisanework Asfaw says:

    Thanks a lot for your generous gift of ever precious books in soft copy. Lisanework A.

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