Krasnov Aerodynamics 1

In this post we will see Aerodynamics 1 : Fundamentals of
Theory. Aerodynamics of an Airfoil and a Wing by N. F. Krasnov. Volume 2 posted here.


The present textbook, in addition to the general laws of flow of a fluid, treats the application of aerodynamics, chiefly in rocketry and modern hi-speed aviation. The book consists of two parts, each forming a separate volume.  The first of them concerns the fundamental concepts and definitions of aerodynamics and the theory of flow over an airfoil and a wing, including an unsteady  flow (Chapters 1-9), while the second describes the aerodynamic design of craft and their individual parts (Chapters 10-15). The two parts are designed for use in a two semester course of aerodynamics, although the first part can be used  independently by those interested in
individual problems of theoretical aerodynamics.

This book was translated from the Russian by G. Leib. The
book was published by first Mir Publishers in 1985.

All credits to the original uploader.

PDF| 9.9 MB | Pages: 513 | OCR

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Basic Information from Aerodynamics

Chapter 2
Kinematics of A Fluid

Chapter 3
Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics

Chapter 4
Shock Wave Theory

Chapter 5
Method of Characteristics

Chapter 6
AirfoilBnd Finite-Span Wing in an Incompressible Flow

Chapter 7
An Airfoil in a Compressible Flow

Chapter 8
A Wing in a Supersonic Flow

Chapter 9
Aerodynamic Characteristics Of Craft in Unsteady Motion

Supplementary Reading
Name Index
Subject Index

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    scan quality is quite bad. Fix this please.


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    wat is the password for the zip file


  3. please reupload the link for 4 shared is broken thanks


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    None of the links are working !


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    where is the book ? please give us a new link .


  6. Al says:

    Thanks a lot for our hardworkng friend (The Mitr) for updating the first chapter of Aerodynamics ebook. Now it becomes clearer than before.


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