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Tarasov and Tarasova – Magnet Links

Magnet links / torrents have been created for books of Lev Tarasov and Aldina Tarasova. You can find them at the links below: Lev Tarasov – Calculus – Basic Concepts for High Scools here. Lev Tarasov – Laser Age in … Continue reading

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Problems of Wave Optics

We now come to a small booklet titled Problems of Wave Optics by S. E. Frish. The book starts with history of wave theory and contributions of various people like Huygens, Young, Fresnel, Newton and takes on the theoretical framework … Continue reading

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Tarasov and Tarasova

One of the very first physics books that I had purchased in Nagpur from the used book sellers which was not a story book was a book by Aldina Tarasova and Lev Tarasov. The title of the book was Questions … Continue reading

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