The Nine Colours of The Rainbow – Steinhaus

In this post, we will see the book The Nine Colours of The Rainbow by A. Steinhaus.

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About the book (from the front jacket)

Have you ever stopped to think how many colours there are in a rainbow? Seven or, perhaps, nine as the title of the book suggests? It appears, there are many more and still the title is correct. Why so?
The book will tell you what is visible and invisible light, how it helps man to acquaint himself with his environment, investigate it, penetrate into the mysteries of matter and space. You will also find out how man learned to see in the dark, transmit images over long distances and record processes occurring within millionth fractions of a second. The book contains a wealth of other information on the latest achievements in science and technology.
The author, Alexander Steinhaus, is a Soviet specialist in electronics and TV. Many years of industrial experience served as a fertile ground for his literary career on which he embarked with ardour. He has written many sci-fic articles, some stories and a few books, among which are “The Nine Colours of the Rainbow”, “A Factory Without Men”, and others. At present A. Steinhaus is working at a large sci-fic book on television.
The book was translated from the Russian by David Sobolfy and was published by Mir in 1966.
A Piece of Glass 10
Simple Experiments that Explained Very Complex Phenomena and Even the Rainbow 13 Questions and Answers 20
What Language Does Science Speak? 24
A Word from the Dictionary 26
Free Son of Ether 31
Pros and Cons 34 Searches, and Again Bells 38
Light and Shade 43
Light and Electricity 48
Two Discoveries 51
Spectrum of Electromagnetic Vibrations 54
Extraordinary Tails 60
The Very Tiniest 63
The Photoelectric Effect  72
Interlude 81
After the Crisis 82
Prelude 93
Our Eyes 94
Properties of the Human Eye 105
Colours 129
From Facts to Theory 142
Inexplicable Phenomena 144
Telescopes 164
Microscopes 197
Imprinted Light 210
A Ray of Light in a Dark Room 212
Photons, Silver and Chemistry 219
Rivals or Friends? 225
The All-Seeing Bye 231
The Three-Colour Theory in Action 243
Autographs of Invisible Particles 246
Recorded Movement 249
Stopping the Instant 252
A Cinematograph Gun 258
Electronic Cells 266
The Multiplication Principle 269
Sensitive Eyes 275
The Fate of the Lost Photons 260
New Roads 263
A Light Amplifier 286
An Electricity Factory 286
Secret of the Code 289
The Electronic Eye 296
Telecasting from Space 315
Now Trends in Old Fields 322
The Television Eye in the Air 327
The Control Room Engineer’s Helpers 331
Television and the Worker 334
Into the Depths of Seas and Oceans 338
The Eyes and Hands of the Experimenter 341

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