Lasers and their prospects – Sobolev

In this post, we will see the book Lasers and Their Prospects by N. Sobolev.


About the book

This book explores various aspects of lasers from their basic principles of its operation to applications in diverse fields. The book starts with a discussion on the nature of light and moves on the idea of the atom as a quantum system. In the next chapter, various properties of lasers and the basic idea behind the laser generation like active materials are discussed. the fourth chapter discusses various aspects of applications of lasers in diverse fields such as communications, computers, materials processing, range finding, medicine etc. In the next chapter aspects of laser usage in scientific studies is discussed. The final chapter discusses the future prospects of laser usage.

The book was translated from the Russian by V. Purto and was published by Mir in 1974.

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Introduction 7
Chapter 1. The Nature of Light 13

Particles or Waves? 13
Photons—Quanta of Light 18

Chapter 2. Atom as Quantum System 23

Quantum Concepts on the Atomic Structure Structure of the Atom 23
Quantum Numbers Radiation and Absorption 25
Distribution of Particles Among Energy 36
Levels Active Systems 38

Chapter 3. Generators of Light 43

Ruby Laser 43
Properties of Laser Beam 51
Active Materials 56
Methods and Sources of Excitation 63
Resonant Systems 70
Continuous-Wave Lasers 74
Glass Lasers 77
Giant Pulses 80
Gas Lasers 85
Methods of Concentrating Gas Laser Radiation at One Frequency 101
Liquid Lasers 104
Semiconductor Lasers 106

Chapter 4. Application of Lasers 117

Lasers in Communications 117
Light Beam Modulation Methods 120
Beam Waveguides 132
Lasers in Computers 138
Application of Lasers in Metrology 143
Lasers in Chemistry 145
Lasers in Photography 147
Lasers for Treating of Materials 155
Laser Gyroscopes 159
Lasers in Detection and Ranging 163
Laser Range Finders 167
Laser Tracking of Satellites 170
Lasers in Space Equipment 177
Communication with Spacecraft During Atmos­pheric Re-Entry 182
Detection and Communications Under the Sea 185
Other Military Applications of Lasers 188
Lasers in Medicine and Biology 194

Chapter 5. Lasers and Science 200

Testing Einstein’s Theory of Relativity 200
Measuring the Drift of Continents by Means of Lasers 204
Lasers for Geodetic Studies and Atmospheric Sounding 208
Measuring of Speeds 210 Laser Space Communications 210

Chapter 6. The Prospects of Lasers 225

Pipeline out of a Laser Beam 225
Lasers and Communications with Extraterrestrial Civilizations 228
Spaceship of the Future 241
Looking Ahead 243

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