Uzbekistan Speaks – Short Stories

In this post, we will see the book Uzbekistan Speaks (Short Stories). The book is a part of LIBRARY OF SOVIET SHORT STORIES series.

About the book

The book is a collection of six short stories by Uzbeg authors.

The book was translated from Russian by G. Hanna, D. Skvirsky and designed by Y. Rakuzin. The book was published in 1958 by Foreign Languages Publishing House.

Credits to original uploader.

You can get the book here.

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Two Chapters from Naval by Aibeck (Musa Tashmuhammedov) 5
Sisters by Askad Mukhtar 45
The Healer of theBlind by Abdullah Kahhar 87
Shirin Comes by Aidyn (Manzura Sabirova) 117
New Year’s Party by Rahmat Faizi 127
The First Step by Sa’ida Zunnunova 143
The Authors 154

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  1. C SUBBA RAO says:

    I need the book of Construction equipment operation and maintenance by Pokras and Tushnyakov. Can you help.


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