Foma Gordeyev by Maxim Gorky

In this post, we will see the book Foma Gordeyev by Maxim Gorky.

About the book

“Foma Gordeyev is a big book—not only is the breadth of Russia in it, but the expanse of life. Yet, though in each land, in this world of marts and exchanges, this age of trade and traffic, passionate figures rise up and demand of life what its fever is, in ‘Foma Gordeyev’ is a Russian who so rises up and demands…

One lays the book down sick at heart—sick for life with all its ‘lyings and its lusts.’ But it is a healthy book. So fearful is its portrayal of social disease, so ruthless its stripping of the painted charms from vice, that its tendency cannot but be strongly for good. It is a goad, to prick sleeping human consciences awake and drive them into the battle for humanity.” — Jack London

The book was translated from Russian by Margaret Wettlin with illustrations by Kukrynisky. The book was published as a part of Library of Selected Soviet Literature series in 1950 by Foreign Languages Publishing House.

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You can get the book here.

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