Electrical Machines (Volumes 1 & 2) – Ivanov-Smolensky

In this post, we will see the two volume set (out of three) Electrical Machines by A. Ivanov-Smolensky.

About the book

The book is in three volumes as fol­lows.
Volume I: Preface. Introduction. Transformers. A General Theory of Electrical Machines.
Volume II: Classification of Electrical Machines. Mechanical, Hydraulic and Thermal Analysis and Design. Induction Machi­nes. Synchronous Machines.
Volume III: D.C. and Commutator Machines. Tran­sients in Electrical Machines.
The book is intended for college and university students majoring in elec­trical-machine theory and design. It will also be useful to electrical power engineers.

The subject matter in the text is presented in the sequence
traditionally followed in the Soviet Union. It starts with
transformers, passes on to induction and synchronous
machines, d.c. machines, and concludes with a.c. commutator machines. Separate chapters are devoted to a general
theory of electrical machines, machine design and engineerIng, and transients in electrical machinery.

The electromagnetic processes that take place in electrical
machines are examined from the view-point of electro-
mechanical and mechanoelectrical energy conversion. With
such an approach, it has been possible to extend the mathematics used to both conventional and any other conceivable types of electrical machines.

In addition to electromagnetic processes, consideration
is given to the thermal, aerodynamic, hydraulic and mechanical processes associated with electromechanical and
mechanoelectric energy conversion.

In view of the importance attached to the above accompanying processes, the text discusses general aspects of
machine design and engineering.

Unfortunately we do not have Volume 3, if anyone has access to it, please post links.

The book was translated from Russian by Boris V Kuznetsov and was published in 1982 by Mir Publishers.

Credits to original uploader.

You can get the Vol. 1 here (cleaned/optimised) and here (original scan/100+MB).

You can get the Vol. 2 here (cleaned/optimised) and here (original scan/100+MB)..

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Preface 11


Chapter 1 An Outline of Transformers 7

Chapter 2 Electromagnetic Processes in the Transformer at No-Load 43

Chapter 3 Electromagnetic Processes in the Transformer on
Load 56

Chapter 4 Transformation of Three-Phase Currents and Voltages 79

Chapter 5 Measurement of Transformer Quantities 99

Chapter 6 Transformer Performance on Load 106

Chapter 7 Tap Changing 113

Chapter 8 Calculation of Transformer Parameters 117

Chapter 9 Relationship Between Transformer Quantities and Dimensions 121

Chapter 10 Multiwinding Transformers. Autotransformers 125

Chapter 11 Transformers in Parallel 138

Chapter 12 Three-Phase Transformers Under Unbalanced Load 145

Chapter 13 Transients in Transformers 164

Chapter 14 Overvoltage Transients in Transformers 171

Chapter 15 Special-Purpose Transformers 177

Chapter 16 Heating and Cooling of Transformers 184

Chapter 17 Transformers of Soviet Manufacture 189


Chapter 18 Electromechanical Processes in Electrical Machines 192

Chapter 19 Production of a Periodically Varying Magnetic Field in Electrical Machines 201

Chapter 20 Basic Machine Designs 207

Chapter 21 Conditions for Unidirectional Energy Conversion by Electrical Machines 227

Chapter 22 Windings for A.C. Machines 235

Chapter 23 Calculation of the Magnetic Field in an Electrical Machine 257

Chapter 24 The Mutual Magnetic Field of a Phase Winding and Its Elements 267

Chapter 25 The Mutual Magnetic Field of a Polyphase Winding 288

Chapter 26 The Magnetic Field of a Rotating Field Winding 316

Chapter 27 Flux Linkages of and EMFs Induced by Rotating Fields 323

Chapter 28 The Inductances of Polyphase Windings 341

Chapter 29 The Electromagnetic Torque 357

Chapter 30 Energy Conversion by a Rotating Magnetic Field 372

Chapter 31 Energy Conversion Losses and Efficiency 379

Bibliography 397

Index 399



Chapter 32 Basic Construction of Electrical Machines 44

Chapter 33 Construction Types of Electrical Machines 17

Chapter 34 Mechanical Design of Electrical Machines 25

Chapter 35 Thermal Analysis of the Cooling System 32

Chapter 36 Hydraulic Analysis and Design of the Cooling
System 41

Chapter 37 The Size of an Electrical Machine 47


Chapter 38 A General Outline of Induction Machines 53

Chapter 39 Construction of Induction Machines 57

Chapter 40 Electromagnetic Processes in the Electric and Magnetic Circuits of an Induction Machine at No-Load 64

Chapter 41 Electromagnetic Processes in Induction Machines on Load 73

Chapter 42 Application of Transformer Theory to the Induction Machine 91

Chapter 43 Analytical and Graphical Determination of Electromechanical Characteristics of Induction Machines 103

Chapter 44 Starting of Induction Motors 134

Chapter 45 Steady-State Performance of Induction Motors.
Speed Control 139

Chapter 46 Unbalanced Operation of Induction Machines 155

Chapter 47 Single-Phase Induction Motors 163

Chapter 48 Special-Purpose Induction Machines 179

Chapter 49 Induction Machines for Automatic Control Applications 195

Chapter 50 Practical Induction Motors 207


Chapter 51 A General Outline of Synchronous Machines 210

Chapter 52 Excitation Systems for Synchronous Machines 230

Chapter 53 Electromagnetic Processes in a Synchronous Machine 236

Chapter 54 MMF, Magnetic Field, EMF and Parameters of the
Armature Winding 254

Chapter 55 Electromagnetic Processes in a Synchronous Machine on Load 271

Chapter 56 Energy Conversion by a Synchronous Machine 293

Chapter 57 Characteristics of a Synchronous Generator Supplying an Isolated Load 301

Chapter 58 Parallel Operation of Synchronous Machines 323

Chapter 59 Synchronization Methods 358

Chapter 60 Instability of Synchronous Machines in Parallel Operation 376

Chapter 61 Unbalanced Operation of Synchronous Machines 387

Chapter 62 Synchronous Machines of Soviet Manufacture 405

Chapter 63 Special-Purpose Synchronous Machines 424

Bibliography 459
Index 462


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